Lianne Moroz, Membership Director 
The Toronto Vintners Club Inc. 

Mail cheques to

c/o S. Dorosh
Box 1023, TDC Postal Stn
77 King St. West
Toronto, ON M5K 1P2



We hope you enjoyed our past events. Now is the time to renew your membership in the Toronto Vintners Club. NOTE: We have a new fee for those who are 35 yr and under! It's called $35 for 35. Regardless of your age, however, save by adding up to 3 additional people living at the same address for only $30 per person.

We also have a membership drive on.  Refer a friend to TVC, get them to buy a NEW membership and  make sure they provide your name when they complete the application form. The member who gets the most new people to join will win a lovely bottle of wine from our cellar. If there is a tie, each person will get a bottle - up to a maximum of 3 bottles. If we have more than a 3-way tie, we will do a name draw for the three bottles.

To be eligible, you must sign up a minimum of 2 new members (only brand new members please; former members who have previously not renewed but rejoin in 2014 do not qualify as new).  The contest ends February 15, 2014.  We will announce the winner(s) and present the bottle(s) at our February 18th Rhone wine event. (You will have to attend one of our events to claim your bottle since we won’t ship it.) 

For more information about TVC, visit