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Sue Drinnan  MSc (neurosc), PCC

Certified Executive Coach and Facilitator
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The next publicly offered Wisdom Collective Series begin in January 2014 and runs for 5 months.

Monthly meetings are the last week of the month where Spruce Group (for seasoned leaders) meet on Thursdays and Cedar Group (for mid-level leaders) meet on Tuesdays.

Thursdays: Jan 30, Feb 27, Mar 27, Apr 24, May 29

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Meetings are hosted by different organisations.  Members find out about their host locations upon registration for their group.

What do you do in a typical Wisdom Collective Series Meeting?

Each meeting is unique, but this is a typical agenda:

  • 8:00 - 8:20 AM: Mini-seminar on leadership topic, group discussion of latest reading
  • 8:20 - 10:45 AM: Accountability updates and progress coaching on each individual's goals and commitments from previous meetings, problem solving, coaching/mentoring, feedback, Individual Action Plan decisions for next steps.
  • 10:45 - 11:00: Committment/agreements and session closure












Driving Directions


Sue Drinnan
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Do you have team members who are working below their potential?  Would you like to more effectively motivate and inspire them?

The Wisdom Collective leadership excellence series helps you to:

 - get more done by more effectively engaging challenging team members

 - make smarter decisions and get useful, unvarnished feedback

 - enhance focus, resilience and productivity with clearer prioritisation and the latest from leadership neuroscience.

 - enjoy collegiality and mentoring which reduces stress and professional isolation


It's a series of 6 powerful confidential 3-hour meetings joining the power of a world-class executive coach with group mentoring from accomplished leaders to help members achieve goals faster than on their own.

The structure of the series will provide you with:

•   an informed and confidential sounding-board of seasoned leaders

•   fresh approaches and new tools for demanding leadership issues

•   direct, insightful and practical feedback

This series is for you if you want:

•   executive coaching to prepare for upcoming challenges

•   to enhance your leadership presence and effectiveness

•   accountability to your own goals and values

Designed exclusively for those prepared to be challenged, inspired and ready to take action. Different groups for different organisational levels.  These small groups consist of informed, like-minded leaders committed to supporting each other and to becoming their absolute personal best.

It’s about your leadership postential, the impact you wish to have on others, and your legacy.

What are the different groups in the Wisdom Collective Leadership Excellence series?


Designed for individuals motivated to get traction on a personal goal such as:

  • Navigating important life transitions with grace 
  • Handling distractions and improving time management
  • Balancing competing life-work responsibilities
  • Strengthening a chosen competency such assertiveness, listening, follow-though, tact or confidence for example.
  • Better self-care (stress management, eating healthier, etc)
  • Preparing for a career change

Increase clarity on priorities and improve life balance and resilience by committing to and taking needed actions for the outcomes you want and deserve.  Develop the thinking patterns and stronger, healthier habits that will make a lifestyle shift more durable and sustainable no matter what future stressors lay ahead.  Contact us regarding the possibility of creating a women’s-only group.



Designed for senior managers who supervise staff seeking leadership excellence in the workplace such as:

  • Enhancing your leadership presence to be more engaging and motivating
  • Transitioning to a more strategically influential role
  • Tuning your habits and style to strengthen working team culture and climate
  • Deciding consciously when to say no in order to say yes to something more important
  • 360 Feedback Development Plan implementation
  • Strengthening a specific competency such as conflict resolution or coaching your reports

Gain confidence and effectiveness as you prepare to step into your next leadership role.  Get compelling feedback, new solutions and inspiration to define a powerful course of action for yourself and leverage group courage to achieve it. 



Designed for strategic executives/directors who manage managers and want to become more effective at:

  • Coaching and developing your reports so you can delegate more effectively and help them be more stress-hardy
  • Building your personal resilience and the habits needed to stay present and mindful
  • Managing particularly difficult people and conflict without burning yourself out
  • Prioritising increasing demands and balancing both the big picture needs as well as the details.

No human can do it all, so what is the best way to handle competing values and priorities, in all walks of you life?  This is the advisory board that can help with sticky decisions and complex behaviours.  Make better decisions, focus and implement your plan, benefit from others’ hard-earned experience and realize new insights you could never have achieved alone.  Sage counsel and perspective of other seasoned leaders cannot be generated by an individual alone.  Enjoy this is time with hundreds of years of wisdom in the room committed to supporting you be your best. 

 Looking for a Different Group?

Would you like to get together with people with a different purpose than listed above?  If there is sufficient interest, we can look into forming a new specialty group (minimum 6).  For example, MD’s or RN's only, or Real Estate Agents, IT Project Managers, Women Executives, etc.  Expressing your interest does not commt you to register, but letting us know if there is a need is helpful.


We would be pleased to create a custom internal coaching and mentoring program for leaders that would fit your organization’s needs, dovetail with existing programs and your workplace culture.



 What is Included?

The fee includes a learning journal, all reference materials, nutrition breaks, your own custom Leadership Development Action Plan with specific goal attainment steps and access to continuing learning opportunities. 


Are you interested in hosting a group?

We have special pricing for the host.  If you are interested in hosting a group and have suitable space in Vancouver (boardroom that seats 12) we'd love to hear your thoughts.  604-327-4358 

What if . . .  you had an advisory board of caring, informed professionals committed to helping you gain clarity and take confident action on what you are truly capable of? 

Seats are very limited, so don't miss your chance to achieve your goals more quickly, easily and more enjoyably than on your own.  With support and world class coaching, almost anything can be acheived, one step at a time.

The tools you need with the support to succeed.


Your Facilitator, Sue Drinnan

With 20 years of experience either coaching or in strategic national management roles herself, she works with high potentials, often in multi-billion dollar organisations, to gain clarity, trust and confidence to strengthen what they and their teams are capable of.

She speaks many languages, is a graduate from 3 universities and is trained in areas including resilience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, conflict resolution (abrasive leaders), organisational culture/climate, MBTI and other assessments.  She is an author and the co-editor of the International Journal of Coaching in Organisations, and continues her research into why smart people do irrational things.  She is on a number of boards of directors. She has had a full career as a world class elite athlete (Team Canada) and still enjoys staying fit  in competitive sports.


Don’t wait to become what you are capable of.  Lighthouse logo no text



To strengthen communication and relationships that will reduce the suffering in the world, by developing the courage and resilience that is in each of us. 



Everybody can change if they want to.  Nothing is as strong as a made-up mind. 


Sue’s Promise

I want to be my best so you can become your best.

I am gutsy, caring, non-judgemental and honest.  I will tell you what I see and hear.  I tread the line between empathy and fearlessness, so brace yourself to be challenged on your perspectives and assumptions, done in a caring way.  I will ask you penetrating questions that bring clarity so that it is easier for you to decide on your direction and next steps.  I will help you get there more effectively and easily than on your own.