Saturday August 16, 2014 at 8:00 PM COT
Tuesday August 26, 2014 at 5:00 PM COT

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GEMN Global Mission Immersion Program

Aug 16-26, 2014 in Bogota, Colombia

GEMN's ten-day Global Mission Immersion Program 2013, to be held in Bogota, Colombia, will prepare you for mission leadership through in-depth training, resources and fieldwork.


 See our GEMN Global Mission Immersion Program Brochure (PDF)

Who Should Register? … seminarians, deacons, priests, lay missioners, experienced  missioners, the mission curious, diocesan mission leaders … anyone with an  interest in global mission ...

GEMN has been offering its flagship Mission Formation  Program in the context of its annual educational conferences for several  years. In response to the church’s increased engagement in global mission, we  are now offering the Global Mission Immersion Program, a 10-day, in-depth mission  certification experience. This new program will provide participants with an  opportunity to learn about mission and integrate what they’ve learned with a  mission experience.

This certification  program is designed to equip clergy and lay missioners with a broad range of  knowledge about global mission as well as the practical skills to provide  leadership in their parishes, dioceses, and the wider church.


  • Learn about Church history as it pertains to mission
  • Explore the biblical and theological foundations for mission
  • Develop practical skills for mission leadership
  • Participate in a mission project (field experience)
  • Learn about the local culture and history of Colombia

    16         Arrivals
    17         What’s Mission? ... Church history, and theological and  biblical foundations
    18         Mission Leadership
    19         Organizing and Managing a Mission Team
    20-22  Field Site/Mission Project
    23         Group Discussion & Program Wrap-up
    24-25   Cultural & Historical Experiences in and  around Bogota
    26         Departures

Program Content & Structure

  • Develop an understanding of Anglican mission history
  • Discuss different historical perspectives and models for mission
  • Explore the theological/biblical foundations for mission
  • Study approaches to the formation of mission committees, mission  teams, etc.
  • Learn about mission finances (budgeting & fundraising)
  • Discuss issues related to mission planning … seeking permissions,  healthcare advisement, and developing a working relationship with their mission  host
  • Discuss models for socio-cultural education
  • Discuss the realities of practical trip preparation (packing,  healthcare reminders, etc.)
  • Learn about the importance of spiritual preparation and various  models for spiritual leadership and facilitation of spiritual reflection
  • Discuss the realities and potential challenges of traveling in a  broken world
  • Discuss final preparations for group formation and management,  dealing with local customs, arriving at the mission site, etc

Mission Project 
We will work on a community farm about an hour outside of Bogota owned and  operated by Iglesia Santa Marta under the leadership of Padre Javier Aldana.  Colombia has over 5.2 million displaced persons due to a number of social and  political issues. When fully operational, it’s the intention of the Santa Marta  and the Diocese to provide employment and food security for displaced families  in Facatativa. While working on the farm, we will live in community in the  rectory.

Streets of BogotaProgram Wrap-up
We  will return to the classroom to discuss and debrief regarding our experience on  the Santa Marta farm. Through the use of group exercises we will have  opportunities to reflect on, and integrate, our overall experience.

The  final 2 days of the program will include excursions to historic sites in  Bogota, the world class Museo de Oro, the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira, and  local craft markets.

Language Requirement
There  is no language requirement. While it would enhance the experience to have some  Spanish, enabling participants to converse with the people they encounter, all  group sessions will be in English and translation will be available as needed  throughout the program.  Bogota is a wonderful place to learn Spanish. You may want to consider attending a local Spanish immersion school for a week or two either before or after the program. We have a relationship with several schools in Bogota and can facilitate your attendance and lodging. Please contact us at gmip@gemn.org if you are interested in this option.

Program Facilitator
The  program will be facilitated by The Rev. Dr. Ted J. Gaiser, missionary in  Colombia and President of GEMN. Ted has over 20 years of mission experience,  including 8 years of Global Mission Partnership leadership in the Episcopal  Diocese of Massachusetts where he developed a mission leadership training  program that included group training sessions and a capstone short-term mission  trip. He has led mission trips throughout Central & South America, the  Caribbean, East Africa and the Middle East. Ted has a varied professional  background that includes working in healthcare management, business  development, and university education. He holds advanced  degrees in theology, business management, and sociology, and currently serves  as a priest and the Director of Mission Development in the Episcopal Diocese of  Colombia.

Additional Information

  • Bogota is one of the highest capitals  in the world, located on an Andean plain at an elevation of 8,000 ft. Few  insects survive at this altitude. As such, participants need no medical  vaccinations or medications to stay in Bogota or Facatativa. (More detailed  information will be available to registrants, or on request.)
  • US citizens can travel in Colombia for  up to 3 weeks without a tourist visa. No visa is required for participating in the Global Mission Immersion  Program.
  • All major airlines travel to/from  Bogota and to/from major airline hubs in the US.

Program Fees
The  total program cost is $1,700, which does not include airfare and recommended preparatory readings. Participants will be advised of recommended readings in advance of  program attendance and are strongly encouraged to read them in preparation for their trip to Colombia. Other books and materials will be provided in Colombia.  Fees cover all expenses including room and board, course materials, local  transportation, and museum entrance and other related excursion fees. All  participants are required to pay a non-refundable  deposit of $250 by June 15. Checks should be made payable to GEMN and mailed to Global Episcopal Mission Network, c/o The  Rev. Mooydeen Frees, P.O. Box 30334, Cincinnati, OH 45230. Payment in full  is due July 15. (GEMN reserves the  right to cancel due to insufficient participation.)

For assistance and additional information, write to gmip@gemn.org.