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Shelby Run America 

7000 miles, 12 days and all 48 lower states! Top of the line accommodations, superb food and great friends. It does not get any better!


7000 miles in 12 days is a LOT of driving! We will average over 10 hours of driving per day. Some days may be more. Bring your big boy pants (and bladders). For those of you brave (or crazy) enough to sign up for this, the reward will be 12 days spent driving your car having fun and making history. Plus bragging rights, memories, new friends and a lifetime of stories - some may even be true. We will start in New Hampshire on July 19, 2014 and finish in Idaho on July 30! There will be a rest day/oil change day on July 25 in Minneapolis.


What is included in the entry fee? All hotels (double occupancy) between 7/18 & 7/30 and all meals between 7/19 & 7/30, detailed iteneries & maps and a lead car to follow. These are top of the line hotels for each place we are staying. Food will be fantastic! If you want hotel rooms for before or after the event please let us know and we can book those for you as well.

How much is the entry fee? $6000 for one person. One additional person (same hotel room, same car) is $1000. So $7k for two people. Do the math. It breaks down to $291 per day!!!

What do I need to bring?  At least 6 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, socks, underwear and shoes. Gas money - lots of it. A RELIABLE vehicle capable of doing the speed limit (or above) for extended periods in the heat and at altitude. Drinking money, spending money, etc.

What if I break down? Call AAA. Just kidding - sort of. We will do our best to evaluate the situation and help you in whatever way we can, whether that means giving you a ride, attempting to fix the problem or calling a tow truck/repair center. We can not however, stop the tour and/or wait for you.

Do I have to bring a guest? No, but it is HIGHLY recommended. We will be doing a LOT of driving and having a second person is the smart thing to do.

Can I bring more than 1 guest? Yes. Contact us for more information on this.

Will I have to sign a waiver? Duh! This trip is crazy but I'm not! You dont get to sue me if something bad happens.

Do I have to bring a "Shelby"? Nope, open to any and all vehicles

Can I get a discount if I do X or because of X (X=lame reason)? Probably not, but it never hurts to ask.

What if I can only do part of the trip or if I have a distant relative where I can stay for one of the nights or whatever? You still pay the full price, sorry.

What if I dont have a sense of humor or dont like to have fun? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't sign up.

$7k?!? Thats REALLY expensive! Well, yes and no. Remember that this is a 12 day event for 2 people! It is not cheap that is for sure, but when you calculate the cost per day you will see what a value it really is. We are staying at some of the best hotels in the country and the food will be absolutely fantastic! $300 a day is less than you would spend on a cruise or at Disney (and probably Vegas!).

Is this a race or contest & is there a prize? NO, NO and NO! We will be traveling together as a group. 

Fine print and legal mumbo-jumbo:

You are a grown up and as such you and only you are responsible for yourself. No one else takes any responsibility for your safety, well-being, happiness, self-esteem or your feelings. What this means for you is that SMC Events, all our sponsors, affiliates and other participants of this tour will be held harmless for your choices and corresponding actions. We may be driving long hours in unfamilliar areas. Please use good judgment and sound decision making for ALL aspects of this tour. You may be asked to leave the group at any time for driving under the influence, reckless and/or obnoxious behavior or other reasons determined to be detrimental to the tour, group or other individual participants. This tour is rain or shine.


Refunds requested before June 15th will be less $100

From June 16th to July 1st refunds less 20%

No refunds after July 1st

If you have ANY questions please ASK!