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Kari Wester 
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Ranch & Water Quality Planning 

 Non-dairy livestock including beef cattle, horses, goats and sheep are a valued part of Sonoma County’s rural environment. Livestock owners’ responsible management of land and water resources keeps livestock healthy, land productive and valuable, and relationships with neighbors friendly while protecting the environment.  One way that livestock owners can plan for and demonstrate stewardship of natural resources is by developing farm water quality plans that address non-point source pollution and other land management concerns commonly associated with livestock.cows on grass

Areas addressed can include:

  • Manure Storage and Management
  • Pasture Management
  • Strormwater Drainage, Roads & Waterways


Planning assistance is FREE to any size livestock facility located within the Laguna de Santa Rosa watershed.  No property or number of livestock is too small or too big to receive assistance. If your property is outside the Laguna watershed, but you're interested in LandSmart™ planning assistance, please let us know. Your feedback helps us plan for future programming in other watersheds!