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Friday November 7, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST
Sunday November 9, 2014 at 3:30 PM EST

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St Thomas University 
16401 NW 37th Ave
Miami Gardens, FL 33054

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Dear Netball Fans from around the globe!

WELCOME to the 2014 CallidusCloud U.S. Open Netball America Championships - the most prestigious Netball event in the USA.  We are excited to hold this event in Miami, Florida.  It is our intention to make this event a valuable learning experience and provide you with many Netball opportunities while visiting Miami.  The event will be held Friday November 7th - Sunday November 9th. Registration is open to ladies, mixed and international teams.  For individuals wanting to participate we'll place you in a team. 

If you haven't heard already a huge announcement was made in November that Netball America was awarded the bid to host the 2016 World University Netball Championship.  As such, we will be changing our event up a bit this year in order to do some early preparations for 2016.  We will of course continue our high standards to ensure this tournament is kept at the same elite level as previous championships, however we will need to start tournament games on the Friday - so plan your trip accordingly.

Event highlights:

  • Tournament being played in a 62,000 sq ft facility
  • Teams will have access to fitness center and the athletic training room
  • Netball travel agent to assist with team flights, hotel reservations & transportation
  • Electronic clock & scoreboard
  • Qualified umpires & scorers to officiate
  • Certified instructors to run Netball education and skill clinics for players, umpires & coaches
  • Certified masseuses, athletic trainers and medics
  • Free water for participants 
  • A special Saturday evening function
  • Goody bags
  • Event tshirt
  • Souvenir program
  • Special guests

Registration details are below, please email us with any questions.  We closed registration early last year, so get in quick!  We are still working on hotel and transportation options and we will let you know as soon as details are confirmed.

We look forward to a spectacular event in Miami in the spirit of friendly competition and good sportsmanship.

Yours in Netball,

 sonya sig

Sonya Ottaway
President Netball America

General Information


Thursday November 6th
7.30 - 8.30pm: Early team check-in - Shula's Golf Resort

Friday November 7th

12-1pm: Netball America AGM
1.30 - 4.30pm: Team registration
2-3.30pm: Players, coaches and umpires clinics 
3.30 - 4pm: Managers, officials and umpires meeting
5 - 9pm: Tournament games commence
Friday events will be held at St. Thomas University.  Shuttles will be provided from the event hotels.

Saturday November 8th  
8 - 5pm: Tournament games continue
6:30pm: U.S. Open celebration dinner and dance

Sunday November 9th
8am: Playoff rounds and finals.  Tournament will finish by 4.00pm

Draw will be created using our tournament scheduling software and scores will be posted real-time online.  There are 2 tournament categories: ladies and mixed.  After seeding games finish Saturday the ladies will be split into two pools.

Match Protocols: Appendix A

RegistrationUp to 12 players per team:

  • Each individual player or team, including coaches/managers are required to complete registration & pay applicable fees
  • Players may only register for one team.  Players will not be allowed to play in the ladies and mixed categories.
  • Every official & volunteer to complete a registration form
  • Every participant, official & volunteer required to complete a waiver (Appendix B)Netball America Cup Photo

AwardsTrophies will be awarded to:

  1. Top ranked team in the ladies category
  2. Top ranked team in the mixed category

The Netball America Cup will be awarded to the top placed ladies Netball America member team.  Current title holder is the Los Angeles Waves.

Sportsmanship Award – To one team in each category who shows outstanding sportsmanship.

Annual Umpires Award - Awarded to a Netball America umpire who shows they have what it takes to be a first class umpire.

First Aid:  Masseuses, EMT/medical and qualified sports medicine trainers will be onsite.  Teams required to bring own strapping tape. 

FoodFree water provided to participants.  Food & beverages will be on sale.  Drinks and food are not allowed inside gym area - there will be dedicated eating areas.

Netball Clothing & Equipment10% discount on pre-event orders received by Sept 30th.

Hotel & Transportation: Stage and Screen Travel are making group travel bookings (Appendix C).  They are currently working on hotel options and airport transfers. 

Social: Registration includes the Saturday evening social. Stay tuned for details.

Registration includes

  • Three days of Netball in a world class facility
  • Education & skill clinics 
  • Transportation to/from preferred hotel to all events
  • Water/Sports hydration drinks
  • Certified masseuses, EMT/medics & athletic trainers
  • Qualified appointed Umpires, Scorers & other Officials
  • Insurance coverage
  • Souvenir event t-shirt & event program
  • Team Photograph
  • Social event
  • Goody Bag


Early registration (per person)

(on or before Sept. 1st)

Late registration (per person)

(on or after Sept. 1 - Oct 15th)

Netball America member or International participant

Netball America member or International participants Coach / Manager

$ 100 / person


$50 / person

$ 120 / person


$70 / person

Non Netball America Member Participant

Non Netball America Member Coach / Manager

$150 / person


$100 / person

$170 / person


$120 / person

Deposits are non-refundable

Teams who pay full team rego before September 1st will receive a $10 rebate per person registered (note - this does not apply to coaches / manager registration.)

Teams who pay team deposit of $500 by September 1st will be able to complete final pmts at the early registration rate if paid by October 15th.


APPENDIX A – Match Protocols

All matches will be played according to the International Rules of Netball unless otherwise indicated.

1) Time: Captains required to toss and report results to both umpires and score desk before start of game.  Matches will consist of two halves. 

Teams will be notified when there are 30 secs and 10 secs remaining prior to the start of the game and the end of an interval.  At the 10-second warning whistle, teams must move into playing positions for start/re-start of play. 

  • If a team fails to take the court by the start/re-start of play, Umpire shall penalize for deliberate delaying of play
  • If a team fails to take the court within 1 minute of the designated time for start/re-start of play, Umpires shall award the game to the non-offending team

2) Points:

3 points awarded for a win
1 point for a draw
0 points for a loss / forfeit

In the event of a draw, goal differences will be the first tie breaker rule.  Goal difference is calculated by the total number of goals scored minus goals conceded.  If a teams points and goal differences are equal, then goals scored will be used as a 2nd tiebreaker with the team scoring the most goals winning.  Only finals will have additional time played for draws.  Time will be 5 minutes each way for 2 halves.  If a 2nd tie occurs then it will be the first team to lead by 2 goals.

3) Categories:  2 categories: Ladies and Mixed.  Based on the number of entries it will be up to tournament organizers discretion as to any adjustment to categories and timing of games.  Each category will need min. of 4 teams.  Competition will be round robin.

4) Officials: Umpires and scorers will be allocated to matches by tournament Director of Umpiring according to performance.  Umpires are required to have at least a national B grade Netball America badge, unless otherwise approved.  International umpires are welcome and may email us.   Umpires will be required to wear Netball America Umpiring uniform provided. 

Umpires, scorers, timers wishing to officiate can apply here.  Include qualifications and experience.   Umpires wishing to be scheduled for a practical test should email us.  National Theory exams are scheduled for May and September 2014.

5) Teams:  Players can only register in one category. A mixed team must have a minimum of 1 male player and may have up to a maximum of 3 male players on court.  The males will need to spread out (1 as GS,GA; 1 as either C,WA,WD; and 1 as GK,GD).  Teams cannot have 2 males playing GS/GA or GK/GD at the same time.  Only registered coaches/managers are allowed on the team bench. 

6) Scorer/Timer: Each court will have its own individual scoring system and courts will run on a central timer.

7)  Injury Time: Due to running a central timer no additional time will be played for injury stoppage.

8) Alcohol Policy:  School regulations do not permit possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in public areas.

9) Tobacco Policy: Smoking tobacco and carrying lit tobacco products is prohibited in all buildings on campus.  Smoking must be at least 25 feet of building entrances/exits.

10) Animals Prohibited: Only properly trained & certified service animals are allowed inside.

The decision of the tournament organizers shall be final and without appeal.



In consideration of Netball America, Inc. permitting the undersigned on Thursday November 6th to Sunday November 9th, 2014 to participate in the CallidusCloud U.S. Open Netball America Championships, and/or Netball Clinics. The undersigned hereby acknowledges and agrees, as follows:

1 I am fully aware that Netball tournaments and clinics may be physically demanding and that, accordingly, there may be risks directly or indirectly related to my participation, including, but not limited to, the possibility of physical injury (including catastrophic injury, or death) which might result not only from my actions, inaction, or negligence, but the actions, inaction, or negligence of others, the rules of play, the conditions of the premises, or any of the equipment used.  This includes any risks not reasonable foreseeable to Netball America Inc, and St Thomas University.

2 I acknowledge the provisions of this Acknowledgment and Release and I expressly assume all risks relating to my participation in the Netball tournament and/or clinics and I accept personal responsibility for the damages following any such injury.

3 I hereby forever release and discharge Netball America, Inc., the Netball America Board of Directors, Management team and committees, the members, its teams and volunteers (collectively referred to as “Netball America”) against any and all causes of action, claims, suits, controversies, agreements, promises, judgments, demands or claims whatsoever, that I or my spouse, heirs, executors, administrators, successors or assigns have or hereafter, at any time, shall or may have against Netball America, arising out of or in connection with my participation in the Netball tournament and/or clinics.

4 By signing I accept responsibility for all medical expenses incurred that exceed the limits or are outside the tournament insurance coverage. 

5 As a player at the CallidusCloud U.S. Open Netball America Championships, I may be admitted to any hospital or medical facility for diagnosis and treatment.  In case of injury, accident or illness, I authorize the head coach or on-site medical/first aid staff to provide appropriate medical treatment.  If an emergency transport is deemed necessary, I authorize the same to summon an ambulance to transport me, the individual to the hospital.  I request and authorize physicians, athletic trainers, technicians, first aid personnel, nurses, and dentists, to perform any diagnostic, treatment, or operative procedures, and x-rays.  I accept total responsibility for any and all medical costs that exceed the limits or are outside the tournament insurance coverage.

6 I grant full permission to Netball America Inc to use my name and likeness, where lawful, with no obligation to compensate me, in and in connection with any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, recordings or other record, whether print, on-line, audio or video, of this event.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has executed and agreed to this Acknowledgment and Release as of the date stated below.

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 Signature                                                                       Signature of Parent (u/18)


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Stage and Screen Logoare here to help you obtain cost effective travel rates.  

Stage and Screen Travel can find the best flight deals and book your team flights - so this will save you a lot of upfront admin work.  Should you wish to do any additional sightseeing while in Florida or while visiting the USA they can also make all these travel arrangements - whether its flights, hotels or ground transportation.  The international airport is Miami International Airport (MIA).  An alternative airport but further away is Fort Lauderdale (FLL).


To obtain the group rate of $105 per night you will need to book through one of the following methods:

1. Online by clicking here for our personalized Netball booking site. (For November 6 through November 13 dates only.)

2. By calling or emailing Tania from Stage & Screen Travel: Tania O'Donaghue at or call on +1213-622-2798.

These are the only options in order to get the group rate.  Please do not call the hotel directly.




The Star Spangled Banner - Francis Scott Key 1814

Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?


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