Tuesday February 4, 2014

6:00 PM Pacific Time
7:00 PM Mountain Time
8:00 PM Central Time
9:00 PM Eastern Time


Mandi Hardy

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Tom Copeland Business Webinar

How to Avoid Mistakes When Filling Out Your 2013 Tax Forms

Participants will learn how to take advantage of the unique tax rules facing family child care providers when filling out their 2013 tax forms.

Content includes:

  • New IRS Safe Harbor Rule that allows providers to claim house expenses without receipts and how to determine if you should use this rule
  • Other new IRS rules that affect providers (mileage, food expenses, Savers Credit, and more)
  • How to depreciate your furnature, appliances, home improvements, and your home
  • How to recapture previously unclaimed depreciation from earlier yearsTom Copeland
  • How to amend your tax return
  • What to look for in a tax preparer

Register by noon your time.  

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Handouts will be emailed within 24 hours of the webinar.

Cost: $25.00
Clock Hours: 1.5 Hours

The webinar is presented live. Be sure to check the start time in your time zone!