Tom and Julie Meekins
March Forth Family, LLC

Tom and Julie

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014, 1:00 PM EST through Wednesday, March 12, 2014

If you can't attend the live classes, they will be recorded and available to you who register. 

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Audio Teleclass on your computer, by phone, or Skype. Register for instructions to join us.


March Forth Family, LLC

March Forth Family, LLC is dedicated to partnering with parents in equipping them with valuable tools to nourish and assist children with particular challenges.

"Probably the best part of meeting with Tom and Julie is the fact that they have walked some very tough roads with their own children and therefore have a depth of insight into how difficult it can be when you want the best for your children.”  
-Gretchen Roe

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Working Together to Give You Confidence and Peace in Feeding Your Family 

A Brand New Group Program
With Tom and Julie Meekins
of March Forth Family, LLC

You are ready to take this bull by the horns and nix family meal frustrations, NOW!

This is a very hands-on, action oriented, get 'er done program.

You need:

  • to get more specific information about different food groups
  • practical, doable tips on:
    meal planning,
    and preparing the food to feed your family.

You wonder if your child may have allergies or sensitivites to certain foods. We will  help you to implement a simple food diary system to do help uncover those rocks.

Some specific Child Development concerns may be at the bottom of the food-related behaviors you see in your child. We are ready with easy to implement action steps and support to get to the root causes, open new pathways and make new connections that will make a difference for your child!

How does it work?

For a four week period of time -- starting on February 12, 2014, we will:

Set up Two (2) Group Coaching Classes by Phone, Computer, or Skype

These Classes will contain:
1) very helpful and practical information in moving your family forward to getting healthy meals on the table and equip you with info on healthy snacks. We believe in keeping things as simple as possible. Healthy does not have to be complicated, and
2) opportunities to get your very specific questions answered (with an opportunity to write in with your questions ahead of time if you will be listening to the recording of the class later) 

You will also have access to a webpage with awesome Resources as you take this action steps.

We are also happy to provide those of you who are on Facebook with a Facebook group devoted just to you in this program for a full month.

We will give you template suggestions for meal planning, shopping, prepping, preparing -- all with the idea of getting your family fed well without losing your mind.

We are excited about exploring with you ideas, tips, and resources for feeding picky eaters.

We will provide more info about the correlation between nutrition and behavior.

We will discuss the concerns that come with feeding kids on the Autism spectrum or with ADHD or sensory issues.

You will get some tried and true recipes.

Register Now!

Access the group for $97. However, Early Bird Registration is $87. So, register now!

What an encouragement you have been to us on our parenting journey. We feel like we have so much great information and tools to use to help our children as they grow and as we train and teach them. -Cate Dwyer




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