The event is over but the repercussions will be felt forever.  We have a New Hollywood in the works where God said he would rewind the last 100 years and reestablish his covenant with Hollywood which we believe if the actual spiritual center of the USA.

A team of apostles and prophets commissioned 70 to Hollywood and their respective calings in Arts and Entertainment

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 "There is a war-on for the creativity of God on the inside of you to be manifest!"


  "Empowering God's People to be the Tipping Point for Good in Hollywood"


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Charles Robinson Executive Producer

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What is the hidden battle (the war for your art or creativity) that is holding back your creative genius?  Come and hear and be instructed by experts in the Arts and Entertainment fields and develop NEW strategies for success in your field.   


California's Destiny  Message

is to be a Global Gate of God's creativity through the arts to the entire world.  As a forerunner, what is birthed in California always spreads to the globe.


We want to help awaken California to her destiny which is to be a blessing to the world through the arts (and new technology) and to fund the end-time harvest.  


This "Unconference" will be unique in that we have established a council that is driving content to ensure that is event is both transforming as it is cutting-edge and relevant to novices and pro's alike. 

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