Welcome to BCYC Junior Sailing. Our goal is to instill a lifelong appreciation for sailing by creating an environment that promotes sportsmanship, safety, and success.  BCYC offers a premier Junior Sailing Program with benefits that won't be found anywhere else in Newport Harbor.



Our six-week flagship program begins in late June and ends in August.  The program runs Monday through Friday, with classes offered for kids ages 5 to 17 years old incorporating everything from arts and crafts, swim classes, knot tying, and top level competitive racing around southern California. The program concludes each year with the INSA Junior Sabot Nationals in early August.

Classes include the Starfish program for kids 5-7 years old, followed by the Novice program for ages 8+ where kids learn to sail their own sailboat.  Next the sailors progress into the Sabot Racing program where kids compete against other sailors traveling throughout the region, making their way up through a tiered ranking system based on ability level.  Once the sailor masters the Sabot, they graduate into the CFJ Racing program as teenagers and learn to race double-handed boats. In addition to CFJs we offer Club 420 sailboats which introduce the trapeze and opens the door to the national youth sailing circuit.

All programs emphasizes learning, safety and fun in addition to producing winning results. There is a place for every level of sailor in our Junior Sailing Program. 


During the Fall and Spring, we offer after school clinics on Friday afternoons. These classes meet once a week for several hours and run for eight weeks. Classes include CFJ Racing, Sabot Racing, and Sabot Beginners.  Please follow the links on the left sidebar for more information.


Each Spring BCYC hosts the Leukemia Cup Regatta as a major fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Orange County. The Leukemia Cup Regatta along with other fundraising events hosted by BCYC are ways for us to play our part in contributing to a good cause. In addition to racing, young sailors have the opportunity to win awards for their participation with fundraising competitions and events. The Leukemia Cup Regatta usually takes place in May and constitutes an important part of a national effort within the sailing community to bring awareness to this cause.


Our annual Corinthian Cup Regatta held in October is a tradition which began in 2006. Junior sailors from various southern California yacht clubs are invited to compete both individually as well as on a team level. Each year the Corinthian Cup Perpetual Trophy is awarded to the team with the highest overall score using a high point scoring system. Yacht clubs are awarded points based on their level of participation and performance throughout the event. This regatta also places a strong emphasis on Corinthian Spirit in a competitive environment, with a special sportsmanship award that is only given for a deserving act of merit.


Private Lessons can be arranged through the Junior Sailing Director or Head Coach. Sabot sailors are responsible for providing their own boat. Club-owned CFJs and 420s are available to members. The Junior Sailing Director will match the sailor with an appropriate certified sailing coach based on the sailor’s ability. Prices will vary depending on the coach.