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Advancing Reasoning Skills in Adolescents: New Ideas to Engage Developing Brains


Work with teenagers? Have teenagers in your family? Struggling for ways to understand them and their behavior? Then AAFCS has the webinar just for you.

Poor problem solving and decision making skills . . . Stress of high stakes testing . . . Increased risk factors associated with alcohol, drugs, gangs and much, much more . . .

These are just a few of the issues facing our teens and those who live and work with them on a daily basis.

Recent developments in research on brain development in kids ages 11 to 20+ are providing answers to questions that have perplexed teachers, parents, school administrators, and public officials for decades:

  • Why are teens and their behaviors sometimes difficult to understand?
  • Why do adolescents and teens frequently exercise poor judgment, even those with high IQs?
  • Why does the information you provide to them never seem to sink in?
  • And, most importantly, what can we do about it?

With the help of cognitive neuroscience, we now have some answers...and proven strategies to put into action immediately...before another youth takes a wrong turn that can have harmful, indeed deadly, consequences.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear first-hand from a cognitive neuroscientist and national expert in advanced reasoning how to foster higher order cognition and reasoning skills in adolescents at this educational webinar (1.5 PDUs):




 Advancing Reasoning Skills in Adolescents:
New Ideas to Engage Developing Brains

Presented by Jacquelyn Gamino, PhD

Archived Recording - 90-minute program


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This highly interactive and fascinating webinar will demonstrate the reasons behind these poor judgment skills and give you strategies that you can use to help your students and your children. Dr. Gamino has worked with more than 2,000 students in Texas classrooms, utilizing the strategies that will be presented. They are proven, they are effective and they can help you equip teens with the skills they need to survive and succeed. 


Starting at age 11 and on through the early 20s, the brain begins to change dramatically. But the part of the brain needed for decision-making and higher-order thinking-the frontal lobes-is the last area to be developed.


We now know that we can jump-start the frontal lobes. Strategic thinking skills can be taught....and the earlier the better. Dr. Gamino has dedicated her life to translating cutting-edge research discoveries into practical applications to improve the learning capacity of students.


We can make students better thinkers by teaching them how to learn rather than solely focusing on what to learn. This webinar will give you the tools to get started the next day.


In this 90-minute program including Q&A, you will explore:

  • Basics of adolescent brain development
  • How to encourage reasoning and deeper processing in decision making
  • Specific strategies to promote higher order cognition
  • How to enhance critical thinking skills
  • Latest evidence-based research on brain development in adolescents

Plus, Dr. Gamino will review research findings from work with students who had traumatic brain injury, students with ADD, and typically developing public school students.


Adolescents today are learning at a very shallow level, possibly due to the rapid influx of information from the internet, multi-tasking, and the focus on high stakes standardized testing in U.S. schools.  Globally, U.S. students are behind in science, math, and reading scores. 


It is vital that we teach top-down thinking and how to process information more deeply. This webinar will help you better understand your students and show you how you can affect their learning and reasoning skills...for life. 

Watch the Test Scores Rise

Dr. Gamino will share the dramatic results in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies scores from more than 2,000 7th and 8th graders in Texas who were trained in the Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training (SMART) techniques developed at the Center for BrainHealth. If the techniques are implemented as outlined, it is likely that you will see a difference in test scores within a few weeks. 


This may be one of the most important webinars you ever participate in.  


It might just save the life of an adolescent, keep a young person out of jail, prevent an unwanted pregnancy, or have other life-changing effects on many students...or your own children. 


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About the Presenter


Jacque Gamino



 Who should register? FCS educators in middle or high school, administrators, curriculum developers, Extension educators, college professors teaching future FCS teachers, and parents of middle or high school students.



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