Lyle Crouse 
Anderson/Muncie SCORE Chapter 519 

When: Thursdays, April 3 thru May1, 2014

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Anderson Chamber of Commerce Conference Room

Union Building,  1106 Meridian Strreet         Anderson, In 46016

Driving Directions 


Anderson/Muncie SCORE Business Planning Workshop




 Five Sessions (6:30 to 8:45 pm):

 Free introductory session  Important to see if you are ready

Free 1st Session  Thursday, April 3 2014

2nd to 5th Sessions Thursdays, April 10 thru May 1 


Anderson Chamber of Commerce Conference Room

Union Building, 1106 Meridian St.

Anderson, IN 46016

SCORE repeats their successful Business Planning Workshop

that focus' on your customer.

For those needing to:

  1. Start or get into a new business
  2. Grow and multiply their business
  3. Improve their profitability

The workshop may be what you need to lay the groundwork for profit and growth. With instruction and one on one SCORE mentoring, you will have a business plan to present to bankers at the final meeting.

Workshop Features:

  • Design exciting products or services
  • Use templates for easy plan creation
  • Receive one on one mentoring
  • Listen as bankers review your finished Plan presentation with 'go no-go' feedback.

ANDERSON /MUNCIE SCORE mentors have a passion of helping every customer be a success.  The mentors’ background and experience gives them the skill and knowledge to guide your simple or complex business solutions. They have been in the marketplace their whole life facing the challenges. Now, with experience and desire for making you a success, they offer this foundational course for your future.  Their mentoring assures practical, workable results.

Anderson SCORE Chapter 519 has offices at the Union Building in downtown  Anderson, and in Muncie at the Inovation Center.  We are a resouce partner for the U.S. Small Business Administration. and one of 11 chapters in Indiana. There are 364 chapters nationwide with over 13,000 volunteers.

Workshop Agenda by week

 #1: Laying the Groundwork

  • Examining business Myths
  • Self assessment
  • Customer Focused Business Planning
  • Start Vision

#2: Designing your Product / Service

  • Listening to the Customer
  • Understanding Competitors
  • Building your marketplace matrix
  • Positioning your offering
  • Vision

#3: Marketing your Product / Service

  • Your passionate story
  • Positioning, targeting  niche
  • Choosing your location, initial costs, and estimating sales
  • Selecting Initial marketing step

#4: Creating Financial Measures

  • Capturing start up costs
  • Understanding cash flow
  • Looking at required investment
  • Determining profitability

#5: Presenting your Plan

  • Obtaining  feedback from panel of local bank loan officers and CPA experts

 Experience the Excitement of Services and Products with Customer Focus!

Registration details:   

  • Session #1 is free.  No cost to register for Session #1.
  •  Cost is $100 per participant. Additional participants from the same company are $50 each (up to 2 per company).  The entire fee must be received before Session #2. Send check to Anderson SCORE or pay at the 2nd session. 
  • Participants completing their assignments, preparing and making the final presentation will receive a refund of $50 (or $50 per company).
  •  Sessions #2 to #5 are limited to 15 people or 10companies. Early payment secures your spot.
  • For more information, call Lyle Crouse 765-620-4078, SCORE Anderson.


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