The WISE NL - Statoil Speaker Series is a regularly scheduled event, open to the public and designed to tell the story of women’s contributions in science and engineering. The series features notable women who speak on science and engineering related topics and who complete the narrative with personal perspectives.


Thursday February 27, 2014 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM NST



The Fluvarium 
5 Nagle’s Place
St. John's, NL A1B 2Z2

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Vesna Kerezi, Speaker Series Coordinator 
864-2484 or 727-7883 

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Perception of Physics and Physics of Perception 

Ania Harlick, Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics, Memorial  University.

Physics is a way of seeing the world - from throwing a basketball, playing pool, stopping our car on a slippery surface, to observing the stars at night. It provides us with a tool to process and analyze the world around us. A tool, that perfectly accompanies all our senses and can be used anytime and anywhere. It gives us knowledge, wakes our curiosity and forces us to constantly ask "why" and "how".

Dr. Harlick will talk about the perception of science (physics in particular), and how it modifies and enriches the way we see the world. She will also step through her career path sharing experiences, personal stories and learning along the way.

About the Author

 Dr. Harlick was born in Poland, where she completed her M.Sc. in Physics at Adam Mickiewicz University in 2003. She has a M.Sc. and Ph.D in Physics from Memorial University and has been working at MUN as a visiting assistant professor since September of 2011. She teaches first year courses and is involved in community outreach programs. Ania's research interests combine material science, light scattering and science education. Recently she has been looking at presenting physics in a multidisciplinary context, taking inspiration from other sciences, technology, engineering and design along with the arts, popular culture and social sciences.


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