Saturday April 26, 2014 from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM EDT
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Kodak Center for the Performing Arts 
200 West Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14652

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WDKX Women for Women: Up Close & Personal Workshops 

Celebrating our 40th anniversary, WDKX will host our 3rd Annual Women for Women: Up Close and Personal event.   Women for Women encourages women to live centered and complete lives by taking out essential time for self-discovery and pursuing a joyful life full of endless possibilites.

We will host various vendors from the Rochester community.  The Inspiring Woman Award ceremony will be highlighted during the WDKX 40th anniversary.

A wide variety of workshops are based around the concept of



Cost is $40 - You can select (1) workshop per session for a total of (3) workshops includes lunch and 1 free ticket to the WDKX 40th annivesary celebration.

Session 1:  8:30a – 9:30a

  • Married with her/his OUR children!
Facilitators: LaShunda Leslie-Smith and Moses Smith , Truth Consulting
Program Description:  In this power-packed workshop, Moses and LaShunda Smith, will address the topic of blended families. In today’s society it is not uncommon for couples to enter into marriage with readymade families. Without the proper support, many partners in blended families may become frustrated and begin looking for a way out. Couples in blended families are typically not prepared for the disputes over parenting, money, privacy, vacations, responsibilities, boundaries, rituals, holidays, etc. Further issues such as custody, visitation, and/or financial support issues can exacerbate even the healthiest of marriages. Moses and LaShunda will touch on the patterns of success for blended families. They will discuss the importance of setting boundaries, having realistic expectations, and being unified as a couple.


  • You CAN feed your busy family a healthy diet, easily and on a budget!
Facilitator: Marybeth Robinson, M.D. , Twelve Corners Pedriatics

Program Description:   Feeding your family a healthy diet starts with having a plan.  Learn the basics of nutrition, how to plan a menu, shop for the most affordable food and get a meal on the table in a hurry.  There will be lots of practical suggestions, ideas and recipes you can take home and plenty of time for discussion and sharing ideas!

  • Home Buying 101:
Facilitator: Jenalee Herb, Nothnagle Realty

Program Description: Did you know that 2 out of 3 Americans own their own home? How about you?
Whether you are a first time home buyer, a seasoned home owner considering a move, or on the fence about signing another lease, you should attend this educational and enlightening workshop presented by Jenalee Herb real estate agent of Nothnagle Pittsford.
This class covers it all: How to prepare your credit, develop a budget, and apply for a mortgage, as well the buying process, obtaining the best homeowners insurance, and other useful tips.
The overall goal is to arm you with as much information as you need to become a well-informed home buyer and allowing you to make the best decision for you and your family!

Session 2:  10:00a – 11:00a

  • Staying Calm When Your Hot Button Is Pushed
Facilitator: Sandra Nettles-Lechebo, SN-L Consulting

Program Description: It doesn't matter how evolved, mature or emotionally mature we are; someone or something will push our hot button.  Often time our hot button is pushed by people closest to us like our spouse, significant other, children, and parents.  But more often than not, it can be a co-worker, friend, or stranger that pushes our button. The desired outcome of this session is to help participants understand they can choose to remain calm when their button is pushed through understanding, embracing and practicing a few simple techniques. Participants will gain insight into how hot buttons manifest in behavior, understand factors that influence behavior, identify their hot buttons and hear suggestions for remaining calm when their button is pushed. 

  • It Starts Now: Planning  for College - WORKSHOP NOT AVAILABLE
Facilitator: Tomicka Wagstaff, Ed.D, Director of Academic Access and Opportunity Grants, Adjunction,

 College of Liberal Arts / Rochester Institute of Technology

Program Description: We live in a world where technological innovation and global competition are increasing at a pace never before seen. Now is the time to invest in our children to make sure they are prepared to succeed in the 21st century. In this workshop we will discuss the equation for getting students ready for college and how to begin the planning process. 

  • FAMILY SUCCESSION: Protect the Ones You Love
Facilitator: Michelle Hutchison, ESQ   Brown & Hutchinson

Program Description: If nothing else, life is unpredictable.  Learn how to protect your loved ones and give them the peace of mind they deserve through Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, Living Wills, Wills and succession planning devices.  Anything worth building is worth protecting and anything worth protecting is worth passing on.

Session 3:  11:30p – 12:30p

  •  To Be or Not to Be Mary Jane…What’s the Family Connection? 
Facilitator: Dr.Perdita Meeks, Empowerment Solutions

Program Description: Making decisions to prioritize your personal life vs. your career.  Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices to build a successful home and personal relationship? Can you have both?  Leave empowered to obtain affirmations to live life successfully!

  •  A Father, A Figure, A Future   Facilitator:TBA - WORKSHOP NOT AVAILABLE

Program Description:We will explore general topics relating to the importance of fathers in our community as it relates to the health of our children, schools and public safety. Fathers are vital to the positive growth of our community and it is the goal of this seminar to help strengthen and encourage men to be great fathers and strong mentors.

  • Familytude”- You and your family’s attitude about money!
Facilitator: Cheryl McKeiver

Program Description:Join Cheryl McKeiver to uncover hidden attitudes that your family may have about money. During this seminar, we will examine how to build a functional financial household. We will address kids and money; your honey and money; and you and money. This seminar is not for the faint of heart. Before attending the session, here is your homework: create a realistic budget, identify two short-term goals and two long-term goals, and identify one challenge that may interfere with your success. The power of fiscal management and creating a financial family legacy lies within you. This session is where you will get your “familytude” in check!!






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