Beginning Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 and continuing each Tuesday through July 22nd, 2014.  



Sandi & Wendy 
WLS Success Matters, LLC 

Ready to take Control, Stay on Track, and Be Accountable? Join us for Your Weekly Weigh-In Group! 

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Weekly Weigh-Ins provide the perfect opportunity to track your progress, stay accountable, and learn as you lose.

Weight loss surgery provides a tool that will serve you well for a lifetime as long as you learn to use it properly.  Understanding and following the Success Habits™ Principles, which includes your Weekly Weigh-In, will help you reach your target goal weight and help to ensure your long-term weight goal and maintenance. 

Participants become a member of our "Secret Facebook Group", receive a customized weight loss progress chart, a tracker, and a lesson hand out each of the 12 weeks. 

Then bright and early on Tuesday morning of each week, hop on your scale take a pic of that ever dwindling number, and upload it to your "Secret Facebook Group”. 

Add to your progress celebration - take a side shot and full front pic of yourself, for your transformation progress album, and upload those as well. 

To help us display your progress - we have a way for you to easily record your weight for your Weekly Weigh-In.  We then post a chart of your progress on your "Secret Facebook Group". 

During the Weekly Weigh-In day, download the Topic Of The Week from the FILES section of the group page and please share your thoughts with all of us. 

Accountability benefits everyone!

Register today for the next Weekly Weigh-In starting May 6th, 2014.

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Become a Weekly Weigh-In Group Member.  Because You Matter!

WLS Success Matters are looking forward to spending time with you to facilitate your Success.

If you have any questions about the Weekly Weigh-In program, or how to register, please feel free to contact us.

Sandi & Wendy 
WLS Success Matters, LLC