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Student Registration 2014-2015 

Full Circle Academy offers Supplemental and Enrichment Classes for students in 3rd grade and up.

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There are a variety of classes, clubs and activities for students to be involve at Full Circle Academy.

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This opportunity to register for 2014-2015 classes will be open.  Please register as early as possible.  Any classes that do not have a minimum of 6 students will be cancelled.  We would prefer to hold all classes listed, to give each student access to an interesting and enjoyable option for their education.  We are aware that many times home education classes are cancelled due to low enrollment.  This has caused some families to wait until the minimum has been reached before registering.  Last year, 8 students almost missed the opportunity for the same great class because of  8 different parents waiting. It is much better for students, parents and instructors to be able to plan ahead. We are sure that you agree.  

Do not wait to submit your class selections. click the Register Now Button.

Steps to registering for classes at Full Circle Academy:

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION NOTE: Registration is open. If you get a message that "Registration is closed" it will be because we are updating the page.  We will be cancelling classes without minimum enrollment soon.  

Don't let us cancel your classes.  Tell your friends to register now.

 1. Submit a New Student Application. (Returning students may continue to the Registration Form - click link below.)  If you are uncertain that you want to home school your student next year.  We will be happy to talk with you to help you know what to expect. Contact Us

2. New Student's parent must contact a family friend or former teacher to complete the Personal Recommendation Form for your student. This is a printable form that you wil sign and send to the person who can recommend your student.

3. Review the schedules and class descriptions (links below) then Complete the Registration Form (click "Register Now" below) to make your class selections and pay your registration fee to secure your students' spot(s) in the class(es) or club(s) you have selected.  If you want to complete this form first then submit the Student Application and print the Personal Recommendation form, you may do it in that order. Just don't forget to complete steps 1 and 2.  Sometimes it takes friends a while to get the form back to us and we want to rest your mind that your classes are in place for next year.

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Harrisburg Monday/Wednesday Schedule

Harrisburg Tuesday/ Thursday Schedule

Clubs and Activities 

Field Trips open to everyone in the coming year.