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Monday June 2, 2014 at 9:00 AM 
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Driving Directions 

The NEW Spiral Dynamics® Comprehensive

Personal Development Track - June 2-6, 2014 
The cornerstone to understanding human behaviour, motivation, and value systems.

You will gain new perspectives and insight through Dr. Clare W. Graves's Emergent Cyclical Theory (ECLET) and models into your world and your coping strategies. This course will give you a chance to reexamine how you function in the world, to interact with others who have used what they learned practically, to look at how you think and why you do what you do. You'll explore your individual development through a human systems lens with assessments designed to help you understand where you are and how to get to whatever might be next for you.

You will "live" the levels-of-existence point of view as applied to your life and your perosnal development. You'll examine how your worldview, values and beliefs have come together while gaining insight on the shifts, bindspots and potential sources of conflict in your world. You will also lay out your trajectory for change and prepare your next steps for your future. You will build an understanding of the anatomy of your world and your way of navigating within it. It provides the basics for taking control of your personal growth trajectory.

Your assessments and materials include

  • Spiral Dynamics® Change Readiness Tool
  • Spiral Dynamics® Coping Systems Measures
  • Spiral Dynamics® Training Manual
  • Spiral Dynamics® Personal Journey Development Planner 
Professonal Development (PRO 1 Track) - June 2-6, 2014
Bringing principles of human nature to life through practical applications and strategic models.
This course is for professionals who want to get to the dynamic core of what makes people tick and who want to get behind the scenes of human emergence. You will better understand the deep forces that produce trends, waves, and change at the micro and the macro levels. You will "live" the systems as applied to business, personal development, communicatons, coaching, education, management, organizational development and change - your field - and others. You will enhance your awareness of change states - the how and why of human transformation.


The assessments in our proprietary suite of tools will help you to evaluate which systems are active within the individuals and groups you work with so you can design congruent approaches and align systems. You will also work hands-on with volunteers to develop your skills. This onsite seminar is designed to expand on your knowledge of human nature and to prepare you to use the theory in practice. The onsite portion leads you into the one-year online PRO1 portion of your training.

You can join for the onsite portion, enroll for the full PRO1 with the one-year online program, or you can choose to take the whole SD Comprehensive (18-months).


Training Includes:

  • One year access to NVCC's Spiral Dynamics® Survey System including the Value Systems Assessment and the Change Readiness Tool 
  • Spiral Dynamics® Training Manual & Diary
  • Spiral Dynamics® Debrief Template
  • Spiral Dynamics® Assessments (self & volunteers) 
  • Spiral Dynamics® Volunteer Analysis Project Pak
  • The FULL PRO1 includes access to the one year online program.
PRO 1 Track FULL -  On Registration to June 15, 2015 (Online) 
The PRO1 onsite must be completed to enroll in this one-year program - select PRO 1 FULL when you register.
This phase lasts ONE-YEAR and participants become Action Learning Teams (ALTs) to work through courses, discuss cases, complete projects, participate in discussions, and join in experiences structured to consolidate their knowledge, fill gaps, and awaken new spiral competencies. We employ the ALT model so that members of the learning community can see themselves and others in operation, get high quality feedback, and apply the learning with ongoing refinements.

Participants should expect to spend at least 2-5 hours per week with the online community as they work through new lessons and video tutorials, complete interesting projects, and engage in give-and-take feedback and occaisional chat/Skype sessions. There will be times when you need to check in almost every day when activity is high. The format allows for asynchronous learning - crucial given the global group and layers of material - and gives members more control to pace their own studies and to schedule their contributions, plus a chance to apply tools and materials in 'real world' local settings with knowledgeable feedback from peers and facilitators.

If you've taken the SD Practicum, you know it is rigorous, fun demanding, and challenging.