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Friday, March 28 - 6:30 - 9:00 pm and

Saturday, March 29 - 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Friday March 28, 2014 at 6:30 PM MST
Saturday March 29, 2014 at 5:30 PM MST

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Burke Basic School 
131 E. Southern Ave
Mesa, AZ 85210

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Special Conference Bonus!

6:30 pm Friday, March 28th

FREE Screening

in the comfortable auditorium seating

of Burke Basic School

 for the documentary film

For Our Day: Covenant on the Land

by the Joseph Smith Foundation

For Our Day DVD cover art Click to watch the trailer

Invite your friends and family to come for a FREE showing of the documentary film every Latter-day Saint should see to better understand how the Book of Mormon is literally written for our day.  Learn of the parallel chronologies between it and the United States of America.

For Our Day: Covenant On the Land

“For Our Day encapsulates, organizes and skillfully aligns centuries of meticulously written and miraculously preserved ancient records that carry a critical warning message for our day. This sacred history, recorded by holy prophets who were shown our day in vision, was preserved by God to warn a specific latter day nation. They knew that secret combinations would cause systemic destruction brought on by ignorance and defiance of God’s law on this sacred and covenant land. It happened to them centuries before. They knew that should this nation fall it would directly impact the latter day Church in its mission to bring the gospel to the world. They tried to warn us. Our solutions are embedded in their parallel history. For Our Day puts it all together. ”

- Rod L. Meldrum


Arizona Regional Conference,

Book of Mormon Evidence Series 


FIRM Foundation president, Rod L. Meldrum would like to invite you to participate in this faith-building regional conference.  

**UPDATE #1 ** 03/24/14 - Wayne May's schedule has changed and he cannot make the conference.  We look forward to hearing him at the International Conference in April. 

**UPDATE #2 ** 03/26/14 - Due to LDS Women's Conference on Saturday, March 29th from 5:00-6:30 pm, we are going to have a break in our conference at 4:00 pm rather than 6:00 pm as previously outlined.  We encourage all Sisters to attend the Women's Conference and their husbands to support them. We will then resume our conference at 7:00 and close at 9:00 pm.  This will allow an hour travel time for the sisters to go home, change clothes and attend Women's Conference or change clothes at the school go to one of the many chapels in the area.  We hope you will return (no need to change clothes again) to the conference for the last portion which will be well worth it.  We were unaware of the scheduling of Women's conference several months ago when the Book of Mormon Evidence event was planned.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

Conference Presenters/Performers to Include:

Rod L. Meldrum - Best-Selling LDS Author, Researcher and National Lecturer

Bruce H. Porter - Scriptorian, Author and LDS Instructor

Michele Baer - Musical Composer, Performer

Wanda West Palmer - Musical Composer - Showcasing Her Wonderful Song "Behold, Your Little Ones" being performed at the conference by her posterity

Jody White - Creator of "Moroni's Armor" for Gilbert Temple Celebration

Charlene Higley - Artist of "Nephi's Vision of the Promised Land"

These Book of Mormon experts and performers will present the latest research and findings showing profound new evidences that powerfully support the Book of Mormon.  Evidence continues to mount that its history occurred in the Heartland of North America.

Come join in this highly educational and faith building regional conference! 

Two "Heartland" Related Television Series! Learn about America Unearthed  - the History2 channel TV series that is providing an unprecedented new  level of scientific evidence for Hebrew civilization in America's Heartland during Book of Mormon time frames.  You'll also have a chance to watch some of the new Nephite Explorer TV series which is currently airing in Utah on KJZZ-TV Sunday afternoons at 6:30 pm.

Presentation Topics…

Covenant and Promised Lands - A Journey Through History

This presentation is the framework for all the other presentations. Where was the earliest "land of promise" according to scripture?  Where are the two "Promised Lands" revealed by Christ in his visit to the Nephites of the Book of Mormon and why is this knowledge critically important? God made a covenant with Abraham that includes four special blessings.  What are those blessings and what is required to attain them?  For what purpose does God provide these special blessings to his covenant people?  Where has this covenant been established and by whom throughout world history?

These four blessings form the basis for the success or failure of many civilizations through time.  They have been invoked by prophets, patriarchs and presidents again and again on two covenant and promised lands.  Adam, Abraham, Lehi, Moroni, George Washington, and other leaders of civilizations have invoked this sacred covenant with God on these two lands.  What happens when those civilizations reject God's blessings and turn from Him?  This will be one of the most powerful presentations you may ever see on evidences of the Book of Mormon as well as how to save a nation from destruction - the power of - the Promised Land Covenant. 

Lehi's Ocean Voyage Verified

 Has Lehi’s ocean voyage been discovered and substantiated? Once you see this presentation you’ll be asking, "Why isn't this front page news?" For the first time since the coming forth of the Book of Mormon there is direct, incontrovertible evidence supporting the Book of Mormon’s claim of a voyage from the Saudi Arabian peninsula to the Americas.  A recently completed oceanic expedition in a 600 B.C. wooden sailing ship has provided astounding new understandings for Lehi’s voyage to the Americas.  It was patterned after remnants of ancient Phoenician ships, known to have made the first circumnavigations of Africa in the same era as Lehi’s voyage. Could there be any correlations?

Ancient Hebrew Writing Now Verified Seven Times in America!

Ancient Hebrew writing has now been authenticated seven times in North America. A stone recovered in 1889 during an official Smithsonian Institution archaeological dig in a Hopewell burial mound in Tennessee has just a few weeks ago been verified to have an ancient Hebrew inscription carved into its surface.  Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and new 3D digital microscopy examination was performed by American Petrographic Services owner and forensic geologist Scott Wolter at the McClung Museum on the campus of the University of Tennessee. Their findings and conclusions are revolutionary.  This is the first, but not the only, artifact ever recovered and scientifically verified to have ancient Hebrew writing anywhere in the Americas, and it came from a Hopewell mound dating to Book of Mormon time frames! You will learn much more about these evidences for Hebrew written language at the conference!

Evidence of the Law of Moses on the Promised Land

The Book of Mormon prophets wrote that they were living the Law of Moses.  Is there any archaeological evidence that the ancient civilizations that flourished in the Americas during Book of Mormon time frames were living that law? New research based on the findings of Hebrew/Jewish expert Amberli Nelson provides astounding evidence to support that claim.  Come to the conference and  learn of these amazing new discoveries. This is an area of research that has never been considered previously in locating the Book of Mormon lands.

Book of Mormon Geography - Lands, Narrow Necks, Rivers, Hagoth and More

How well does the Heartland Model geography correlate with the Book of Mormon?  One of the most powerful indications that the Book of Mormon may have occurred in the Heartland of North America are the number of correlations with the geography passages from the text itself. From narrow necks of land and narrow passages, to cities that were built “in a particular manner” by the Nephites, what parallels have been found between the Hopewell Mound Builders and the Nephites of the Book of Mormon?  We will explore many different areas where these civilizations seem to make a spectacular match, and where it is less clear.

Event Itinerary (subject to change as needed)

Friday, March 28th

6:30 pm Introduction to America Unearthed and Nephite Explorer TV Series

7:00 pm FREE Screening of For Our Day: Covenant on the Land documentary film by the Joseph Smith Foundation

8:30 pm Question and Answer Session

Saturday, March 29th

8:30 am Registration Opens

9:00 am Musical Performance - Michele Baer

9:15 am Nephi's Vision of the Promised Land - a new painting by artist Charlene Higley

9:30 am Covenant and Promised Lands - A Journey Through History - Book of Mormon Lands Size - Lehi's Ocean Voyage - Rod Meldrum

12:00 pm Lunch Break

1:00 pm Michele Baer - Inspirational Music

1:15 pm The Making of "Captain Moroni" for Gilbert Temple Celebration - Jody White

1:30 An Everlasting Decree - Bruce H. Porter

2:30 Behold Your Little Ones - musical composition by Wanda West Palmer, performed by Jeanna Boren, Natalie Lawlor, Hilary Palmer, Lynette Cole, Pianist Elane Palmer

2:45 Ancient Hebrew Verified in the Heartland - Law of Moses in America - Rod Meldrum

4:00 - 7:00 pm Women's Conference Break

7:00 pm   What Caused the Destruction at the Time of Christ? - Rod Meldrum

9:00 pm Question & Answer Session

9:30 pm Conference Adjourns

Regional Conference Information:

Registration: You must pre-register for this event as the number of seats is limited.  Once registrations reach the maximum number of attendees (300) registration will automatically close and no further registrations can be allowed. Note: This auditorium has very comfortable theatre seating, but there are ONLY 300 SEATS AVAILABLE so don't delay! A previous event in Arizona had three screenings of The Lost Civilizations of North America documentary which had over 400 in attendence.  This event will fill up fast.

Registration Fees: Only $10 per person for the full day with pre-registration. $15 at the door the day of the conference.


Friday March 28th 6:30-9:00 pm FREE film screening

Saturday, March 29, 9:00 am TO 5:30 pm (USA - Arizona Standard Time).  Registration opens 8:30 am

Where:  Burke Basic School Auditorium, 131 E. Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210

Dress: Nice Casual, shirts and shoes required 

Many are becoming aware of the expanding body of evidence that the Book of Mormon occurred on the same sacred lands as Adamic history and Church history, in the “Heartland” of North America. Interest in this research is gaining momentum with tens of thousands coming to visit both of our websites; and to learn more.  We encourage you to take a ‘video tour’ of this research by going to the FREE VIDEO  GALLERY with over 80 video clips to help you learn more about why this exciting new information is quickly becoming the new paradigm among so many latter-day saints.