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Become a 7 Mountains Certified "General" of God with Master Coach Dr. Charles Robinson

 As God's CEO or business leader you need to be able to handle what the enemy can throw at you.

For example, you are in Singapore and it's 3 AM, you are fighting jet-lag and the enemy is messing with you in spiritual warfare.  You cannot get a hold of the intercessors. What can you do? We will teach you how to handle these and other types of spirtual warfare situations and not only that but you will be taught how to work with Holy Spirit and His Angels and how to advance the Kingdom of God no matter where you are in the world!

No matter what situation you are being faced with and no matter what the enemy can thrown at you God has an answer and as one of His General's you will lead the way and ALWAYS be victorious.  

Our next class or one-on-one is forming now!

WISE is one of the pioneers in the intercession and coaching for the business space having begun in 2005. 

WISE has been involved in over 100 companies over the last 8 years.  Charles Robinson has traveled to many nations on assignments from God and has learned many lessons on spiritual warfare and victory in it.  As a “General” of God, Charles imparts key stratagems in overcoming spiritual darkness in its many forms and key strategies in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth in its different realms.  As a “Gate of God” (all of these terms are addressed in this certification), in opening up access and provision for God’s people, Charles operates in the seven spirits of God and as a modern-day Joseph and as a Davidic Mighty Man of Valor and is progressing to the expression of Christ himself though his life by way of the final and highest ministration that is to come – ministering in The Order of Melchizedek. 

God is calling people to each of the seven mountains to lead and conquer these mountains of influence; God is also calling His Generals to lead his army to conquer spiritual forces that exist in these mountains.  God does not want his leaders to be unarmed and weak before the enemy; he is calling his Generals to rise-up and to recognize the need to be trained and certified in dealing with the strategies of the enemy through recognizing patterns of activity, discerning the enemy’s workings in the lives of people, enterprises and cities and working with angels.  God is calling the Davidic “mighty men and women” of valor to the forefront to spearhead societal transformation.  The callings of God and what the lines of that traditional “ministry” look like are becoming blurred – or in truth rather are coming into full-focus and clarity.  Jesus is Lord over all and Father is raising-up a people that will do all of the works that Jesus did – and more.

This certification will give each leader a confidence that he or she knows who they are in God and whom God is in them – a confidence to meet and overcome anything that the enemy can throw at them, at anytime, anywhere in the world.  In their ongoing growth as sons of God, God will provide all of the tools that they need to fulfill his calling – and that is what this course is about!  

Sample Topics:

Why the need for a spiritual “Generals” course?

Who is a General of God?  What is their “rod” of authority?

Charles’ testimony

Why do you as a leader need this training?

Bloodline Cleansing what it is and taking you through it

The Courts of Heaven, why we need to do this and taking your case(s) through God's Justice System

What are the Seven Mountains?

What is Professional-Level Intercession and why do Generals need to be prayed for?

Three categories of spiritual warfare

Types of warfare for each mountain

Seven strategies to impact each mountain

A leader’s unique needs

How as the leader you can pray for your enterprise;

How you can pray for your family

Money is spiritual

God wants to communicate

It’s about you hearing the voice of God better – and helping others to do the same

God wants to build for you a platform to minister to influencers that you come into contact with

You are a minister!

Humility and absolute obedience are key

The Issachar Anointing and your product or service

Special Consideration: Travel

            Road Warrior          

The importance of the “right” hotel

            New Territories

            Covering spouse/family back home

            Discerning and neutralizing the strong-man over territories

Unable to sleep? God wants you to address something internally or externally

The importance of exercise and eating well

The heavenly purpose of your visit; bringing the glory of God to a person, a company, a city or nation

Presentation?  How to secure favor and breakthrough

How to deal with the “3 am attack” and come out victorious

Strategies for those left behind; how to pray for your road warrior

Spiritual Warfare:

How to confront those principalities that confront you

When your thoughts are not your own

Being proactive with the enemy as opposed to reactive; he will try to strike first

Common attacks from Leviathan, Jezebel and Serpent Spirits; physical and emotional signs

The importance of the gifts of discernment, faith, prophecy, miracles, knowledge and wisdom; examples of each and how to operate in them

The seven spirits of God – they are given to help you

The Order of Melchizedek; Jesus operating in you as king, priest, apostle and prophet

The Mighty Men of Valor – The Davidic Company

The New Anointing – Joseph’s working together; project and funding completion

Your personal prayer life and life in the logos (the written word); avoiding the coming mass-deception

Not just the church but the bride

Supernatural Networking

The law of attraction

Follow me as I follow Christ; the Pauline model

Favor and breakthrough

Restoring the Foundations and Healing the Brokenhearted; DID

Praying for your office and home; the enemy’s favorite place to operate

How to know if you need deliverance or inner healing; triggers; we will teach you “self-deliverance”

How to recognize that a spirit is operating through you

What to do if a spirit “jumps” on you

Spiritual warfare expectations as you enter new territories geographically or new markets economically; the special challenge of business/corporate acquisitions; moving into new cities and new buildings

Spiritual victory expectations

Dealing with natural enemies, men and women of the flesh

Raising up your own leaders; hiring new employees

How to stay ahead of the enemy and avoid unnecessary warfare; stealth-mode; you as a leader operating in the gift of faith; teaching your clients how to operate in the gift of faith that enables this atmosphere

A place to pray – for you; the importance of a “Command/Control Center” onsite

Opening up global gates of access and provision for you; where are the gates in their territory? The enemy is at the gate poised to strike before your advance

How can the local establishment be as important to the Kingdom as the local church?

Every establishment an armament for the kingdom and part of the heavenly network;

God wants to use your land and buildings for His purposes

The importance of gates; gates in the bible were where the financial transactions occurred

Licensing and commissioning leaders in the marketplace

Destiny links

The importance of your heart and motives

What to do if things are getting worse for you

Your marriage

How to deal with challenges by the enemy; taking the battle to him

Going from intercession to intervention

Not for the timid; expect the unexpected

Get trained but don’t do this until God tells you that you are ready; stepping out

The importance of proper alignment (covering)

You must break with the strongman that controls your client/region or it will break you

Believing that you have the authority and exercising it

The importance of the prophetic – leading through vision; every leader needs a prophet to assist and confirm and/or to possess this anointing him or herself

The need for the apostolic – every leader needs an apostle or an apostolic anointing for breakthrough; Micah 2:13; WISE has both – as well as the kingly and priestly anointing – that is why we are successful; see Joseph, Daniel and Melchizedek in the Bible

Working with angels – especially warring angels and archangels; financial angels, angels of revival, angels of prayer; experiences with God; open visions, trances, translations; dreams and correct interpretations – very important

Pitfalls and principles – a review

The importance of staying informed economically and politically; the new Catholic Church (hint – not good), Islam and the coming Mass-Jihad, the coming persecution of believers in Christ and of the Jews, the devaluation of the dollar; the new government by revolution in the USA; dual passports/residency, other things you need to know; above all God’s complete protection and provision for those that know him intimately

Advanced tools: TYB; one-on-one advanced mentoring with Charles, “shadowing” Charles on ministry trips; Charles tagging-along with you on trips

And much more!


Dr. Charles and Liz Robinson have been coaching since 2005, when they founded WISE Ministries International. WISE is a training, equipping and service ministry to businesses and ministries as well as church and para-church organizations locally and internationally. Now, God has led them to separate and enhance their personal life coaching offerings to people that may not have a business or that want to have one but have barriers in their personal lives' that need to be overcome and goals and dreams that need to be realized.

Charles and Liz founded and led a dynamic local church in Austin, Texas for five years. They are ordained ministers with the Christian International Ministries Network.

Together, Charles and Liz have over 12 years of experience in coaching that impacts their clients personal lives' in profound ways. These areas include marriage, finances, relationships, spiritual life, personal development, health and goal-setting and goal-reaching.

Charles and Liz have three years each of Bible Theology Training from the Faith Theological Seminary. in Tampa, Florida. Liz has a B.S. in Business Administration in Marketing and Charles holds a Doctorate in Theology from the Joseph Global Institute and is a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Crises Chaplain. Charles is a member of the International Association of Coaching, IAC.

As experienced church and corporate pastors, intercessors, chaplains, teachers and business owners, they and their team of intercessors and business consultants are equipped to support and empower you and your ministry for success. Apostle Charles is a member of the International Coalition of Apostles, ICA led by Apostle John Kelly, Global Sphere's led by Apostle's Chuck Pierce and Peter Wagner, and the International Society of Deliverance Ministers, ISDM Charles also is a member of the International Association of Coaching, IAC. . Charles and Liz are the directors of the International Apostolic Marketplace Intercessors Network, the IAMIN. The IAMIN is advised by an external board of directors with a broad-base of marketplace ministry experience.

Coaching is done remotely or onsite, whatever your desire.


WISE makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, to anyone, concerning the subject matter of this material. Certification by WISE as a General is not a guarantee of any particular result.