Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship Program
Businesses love BTTIP

"Counter-intuitively, taking on interns can actually mean taking on a lot of extra work. Someone must manage [them], someone must train them, and somehow funding must be allocated. But the internship program … provided us with interns that were a true asset to our company." – Benjamin Samuel, Electric Literature

Students love BTTIP

"From my participation in this program, I gained…insight into how some tech companies operate, experience with getting used to code and programming languages I had never seen or used before, and the beginning of a network of contacts."


What is the Brooklyn Tech Triangle?

Comprised of Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Brooklyn Tech Triangle has become a magnet for the world’s pioneering, energetic, and creative entrepreneurs, and has emerged as the City’s largest cluster of tech activity outside of Manhattan, with nearly 10% of the sector calling this area home.

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Toryl Hanna, Internship Coordinator
Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation
(718) 907-5969

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We're Looking for Innovative Tech and Media Firms to Join Our Internship Program


Bring Fresh Talent to Your Business

Represent one of the more than 500 tech or media firms located within the Brooklyn Tech Triangle? We're here to connect you to high-performing and innovative talent with skill sets that match your needs.


The Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship Program (BTTIP) connects Brooklyn's growing tech and media sectors to technically skilled interns, including web developers and programmers, media specialists, designers, and engineering technologists.

BTTIP is sponsored by the NYC Department of Small Business Services and the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment and operated in partnership with the Brooklyn Tech Triangle and New York City College of Technology (City Tech).

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