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Wellness is one of the fastest growing movements.

It benefits not only practioners but related wellness activities, including tourism, outdoor recreation, food and culture..... and it integrates so well into our area!

What are those trends? How can we benefit? These questions and much more will be key interactive  discussion opportunities.

Keynote speaker: Camille Hoheb, CEO and Founder Wellness Tourism Worldwide.

An Adirondack Wellness Summit 

for Communities, Practitoners, Wellness related Businesses (outdoor, retail, education...  see PRESS RELEASE here      Print Flyer Here

4 Sessions of Opportunity   May 13, 2014      

Registration $15

1:30 - 2:45 PM     Growing Our Wellness Industries

How can tourism, outdoor recreation, food, culture and wellness businesses assess their offerings to take advantage of these trends? What resources are available?

A panel discussion with The Adirondack Wellness Network, Wellness Tourism Worldwide, Center for Adirondack Spirit, Inc and more...

3:00 - 4:30 PM The Adirondacks as a Wellness Destination

1) Increasing Our Role as a Wellness Travel Destination

Wellness Travel is one of the hottest visitor trends. How can we grow our region based on current trends and wellness opportunities? 

2) Furthering Our Region as a "healing center"

Can we leverage our current wellness efforts to further our role as a wellness center where professionals, families, veterans and others come to our “healing woods” for coordinated programs and activities?

   See wellness in the  Adirondacks article  here

4:30 - 5:30 PM  Wellness Networking Social

Network with panelists and participants View displays and resource tables, sample wellness tonics and foods. Cash bar.

5:30 PM  Dinner Workshop: "Brainstorming an Adirondack Wellness Center without Walls" initiative.  $10

Are there ways to more formally collaborate, share resources, leverage marketing and to further develop wellness packages and programs to take advantage of these wellness trends?

Hosted by the Adirondack Wellness Network. Facilitiated by Camille Hoheb, CEO Wellness Tourism World-wide.

 To learn more about the Wellness Network, call any of the members listed here.


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