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Thursday June 19, 2014 at 1:00 PM PDT
Tuesday September 16, 2014 at 1:00 PM PDT

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Coaching for Leadership: A Powerful Next Steps for LGBT Career Development (RECORDED)

Coaching for Leadership: A Powerful Next Steps for LGBT Career Development

The Coaching for Leadership: A Powerful Next Steps for LGBT Careers recorded webinar series is a three-part training course conducted by three experienced executive coaches. This program will appeal to leaders at all levels who have an interest in learning more about what coaching is, how to find and engage with their ideal coach, and learn and practice basic coaching skills that they can immediately add to their leadership toolkit, in all contexts of life.

Coaching is emerging as an effective leadership development strategy for the 21st century. Today leaders at all levels are increasingly turning to coaching for their own development and tapping the power of coaching to help their people develop. This webinar focuses on demystifying coaching and makes this transformative intervention more accessible for LGBT leaders at all levels.

At the end of the three-part webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what coaching is and how it works
  • Understand how coaching can be especially useful for LGBT leaders
  • Make clear distinctions between coaching, mentoring, training and counseling.
  • Decide if coaching is right for you or those who work for you
  • Inquire if coaching is available through your employer’s leadership development program
  • Know how to find and engage the ideal coach
  • Effectively use basic coaching skills in your own leadership role

Here are the major modules for the webinar:

Part 1 – Coaching Basics

  • What coaching is and how it works
  • Distinctions between coaching and mentoring, training and counseling
  • The different kinds of coaching – executive, leadership, group, team, life, special focus
  • Basic coaching competencies – establishing rapport, active listening, asking powerful questions, action planning, commitment and accountability

Part 2 – How Coaching Works & Coaching Skill Building

  • Review of basic coaching competencies
  • Coaching demonstration
  • Interactive coaching exercises
  • Peer coaching

Part 3 – Resources and Next Steps

  • Now that you know what coaching is, how it works, and how to use coaching skills yourself, this module will help you decide if coaching is a good next step in your own leadership development journey.
  • Is coaching right for you now?
  • What kind of coach do you really want, what resources are available
  • How to find and engage your ideal coach
  • How leaders are using coaching skills to develop their team and organization
  • Three coaching skills you can use right now to be a more effective leader
  • Special leadership coaching packages exclusively for Out & Equal U webinar participants