14th, 15th & 16th May 2014

9am - 9pm BST

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Sarah Ward 
Common Sense Counselling 

Start making meaningful, long lasting changes to the most important aspects of your life – work, money, relationships, health and most importantly your self esteem.

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May 14th 15th and 16th 2014

  Please join Linda Barbour and Common Sense Counselling for this inspirational series of interviews with some of the world’s top practitioners in the field of Stress, Success and Self Care.

“I am looking forward to sharing with you amazing inspirational stories, some powerful processes, ideas and techniques. Even better lots of offers of help and access to people who normally charge hundreds of pounds per hour to work with them.. Don't miss out”

So why are we doing a 3-Day Online Training devoted exclusively to self care?

We all live stressful lives. The 21st century is full of new challenges. Constant change, information overload, balancing family and work, new ways of working, managing money and increasing uncertainty all help to build up stress everyday.

We get caught up in our busy days, feel bound by duty and obligation and easily loose the sense of purpose needed to feel successful and at peace with ourselves..

Live YOUR life with Less Stress and More Success

Our Speakers are listed below, click on their image and find out more about them.

Many of the speakers have been generous and given you powerful free bonus gifts to help you to:

Lower your stress levels quickly.
Achieve the success you deserve at home and at work.
Make self care part of your life without adding to your ‘to do’ list.

Register now and we will send you the links you need to start making meaningful, long lasting changes to the most important aspects of your life – Work, Money, Relationships, Health and most importantly your Self Esteem.

    Olivia Stefanino                                  

Olivia Stefanino                 Nan Ashaka          Gladeana McMahon               Nicola Bird



         Jo Grobbelaar                        Dave Markowitz                Loren Gelberg                Linda Barbour



Christina Hibbert                  Sharon Melnick                        JJ Frederickson                   Joy Bufalini

 Randi Bale

Each day we will have 4 speakers focused on helping you to find more success in every area of your life. Don’t worry if you can’t join us on the day, the recordings will be available for 3 days afterwards.

You will learn:

What finally made it possible for each of these speakers to understand their own stress and become successful in their business and personal lives
Different, proven and effective ways to rid yourself of stress, burn out and resulting ill health
Easy and fun ways to completely change how you feel about yourself
What stress and success really are – not what we have been taught that’s for sure!
Ways to structure self care into your life without doing anything more
The difference between stress and pressure
Why it actually takes more energy and work to be stressed than calm
Why ‘selfcare’ isn’t selfish and how it will improve every other relationship in your life.
How to avoid becoming overwhelmed and burnt out by other people’s feelings as well as your own

Plus so much more!

It is totally possible for you to change how you think feel and behave. You can transform the way you feel about yourself, make different choices and your life will change. You can find the peace and happiness you deserve.