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Elise Sullivan 
Australian Academy of Clinical Leadership 
61- 408 468 496 

Never Look Back! Making Your Next Step Your Best

About to leave your job and not sure where you are going next?

Need to take control of your life so that what remains counts?

Terrified of leaving, but sick of staying?

Like to make the next move the best you ever made?
“Never look back!” will give you the support, plan and courage to make the transition into a more fulfilling future.


Never Look Back! - the program:
This mentoring program involves a combination of face to face and online 1 hour sessions designed to build your professional resilience in an uncertain world. Specifically, this Program will:
  • Give you the support and a clear plan for making the transition
  • Reveal what might be keeping you stuck, so you can let go and take the plunge
  • Distill your essential self, what fires you up, what you stand for and what you !want to be known for
  • Develop your profile so that you are promoting your best self and attracting !opportunities that allows you to be your authentic self.
  • Build platforms and strategies to promote yourself, without the hard sell!
  • Design and get the work that you love.

For four mentoring sessions, you pay $1,100 (GST inc)!