Saturday July 12, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT
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Kathleen's home
San Mateo, CA 94403
Map and directions provided after registration.

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Kathleen Harper
Touch Blue Sky
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Saturday Sanctuary for Moms

Do you need a time out?  Come to a two-hour long retreat just for moms in San Mateo on the second Saturday of each month.  We go deep with each month’s theme, drawing from our own experiences and learning new tools and ways to find peace and joy. The groups are deliberately small to create a close community of moms and an intimate learning experience.  Come to Saturday Sanctuary for Moms to rest, relax, and renew.  You'll head home happier.

"This was the kind of break I really needed.
It reminded me of things I needed to remember."

•  Light refreshments are provided.

•  The groups are just for moms so that you can take the time
    for yourself without distractions from your family.

•  Space is limited to only 8 moms; registration is required.

July 12th - Easing The Pull of Perfectionism
10:00 a.m. to noon - $40 

Are you exhausted trying to live up to your own expectations? You are not alone. We'll talk about perfectionism and look at ways to wiggle free of its grasp.  Each retreat includes a short guided meditation that you can integrate into your day-to-day life, conversation with other moms in a safe and nurturing environment, new ideas and tools, and a hands-on project to build a bridge between the retreat and your routine.

"Kathleen has a gift for creating a sense of community and a safe place for moms to really be vulnerable."

Upcoming Dates for Saturday Sanctuary / San Mateo

August 9th -  Wholehearted Motherhood

Do you feel stuck because you believe that you can't be happy on the inside until your outer circumstances change?  Deciding how you want to feel is the first step to creating the life you desire.  In this Saturday Sanctuary, we'll talk about what's getting in our way of enjoyment, learn from each other's experiences, and hone in on your own Wholehearted Feelings.  Hands-on activities will help you to integrate your inspiration into your everyday. 

Registration opens mid-July

Mark your Calendars!

September 13th and October 11th

About Kathleen

Kathleen Harper Kathleen Harper is a mentor for mommies.  She helps moms with practical tools, intuitive coaching, and smart resources so that they can manage the mess of motherhood with more ease, joy and fun.
Find out more on the Touch Blue Sky website.

What Moms Are Saying

"I enjoyed this new experience."

"Probably the most useful tool I learned from this workshop is taking the time (especially during the hard moments) to remember what I'm grateful for and knowing that the hard times will pass."

"I loved remembering how to check in with my own intuition."

"It was great to connect with other moms in a short, quick yet deep way."

"The art project was really fun and a great way to end the group."

"I realized how much peace I get from focusing on creating something."