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This is the official site for Dr. Charles Robinson's curricula 

"Let Heaven Invade the seven Mountains of Culture" Series published

by Spirit-Led Publishing

Go to Melchizedek.International for Charles Becoming Melchizedek Curricula.  

Click here for Charles' Amazon author page and for complete descriptions of all materials available then come back and order here for a discount off of what the bookstores charge.

Classes are forming monthly in cities across the USA. Contact us for a schedule of classes or for one-on-one certification. 

Books and Certification Guides

Curricula is a discount off the price that bookstores charge.

Volume discounts available, call or email for quote. Start your own 7M University or use the curricula as an 7M/Marketplace option for your school.

Additional discount for the entire series for your library  

Purchase the curricula and receive a credt equal to the purchase price off of your certification class. See links below for corresponding certification sites.

Volume 1: 7M Intercessors Certification Guide 

Volume 2: 7M Leadership Certification Guide 

Volume 3: 7M Coaching Certification Guide

Volume 4: 7M Chaplain's Certification Guide

Volume 5: 7M General's Certification Guide