Lisa Jeffery's September 2014 Public Speaking Boot Camp


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Boot Camp 2: 
The Art of Being Memorable &

Polish your Delivery!


Saturday September 13, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT

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Testimonials:  Lisa In Action

Steve Ferrari  International Race Car Driver:  “On the personal front, speaking eloquently and with a ‘neutral’ accent has always been an important aspiration for me. On the professional front, conveying a clear and persuasive message has become a must in my role where I am frequently interacting with the media and representing brands. Lisa delivered on both fronts. Among the various speech coaches with whom I have worked, Lisa stands out. She is worldly and has refined taste, having lived in many countries around the globe. Her sessions are entertaining, and the results are realized without having to undertake tedious homework."   — Steven Goldstein, Official FERRARI racing pilot


Anthony Masys Defense Scientist: 
"The presentation you gave at the System Safety Conference in Baltimore continues to influence my own presentations and has allowed me to engage with the audience in a much deeper manner. Thanks again. Hopefully I will have another opportunity to attend one of your presentations.

Anthony Masys, PhD
  Defense Scientist, Department of National Defense, Canada

Robert Balzebre Real Estate Developer:
“Lisa Jeffery’s programs and guidance have been invaluable. She has been able to help me clarify my communication skills by using more vivid metaphors and picture-based speech patterns. In addition, she has improved my vocal articulation and inflection tones in order to not just be better heard, but to be remembered. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to make an improvement in their communication."
— Robert Balzebre, Director, Balzebre Properties LLC


Kovens Conference Center 
3000 North East 151st Street
Miami, FL 33181

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The cost for each full-day workshop: $350 

If you've taken classes or coaching at the Speech and Academy, please contact us, as you get a discount code.

  Lisa Jeffery, Executive Speech Coach, Speech and Accent Academy
      Lisa Jeffery, "The Paramedic Speech Coach"

Lisa Jeffery's  
Public Speaking Boot Camp

Sept. 13, 2014 at Florida International University
Kovens Conference Center


 The Art of Being Memorable: Charisma Can Be Learned! 
How To Have An Oscar-Winning Delivery & Speak without Notes!

"We never forget memorable people. Memorable people make us feel special. We think about them often, we remember what they say, how they say it and what they do. How is it that some people are more memorable than others? What is it that makes them unforgettable? Is there a formula? YES, there is! First, it is being authentic. Secondly, it’s studying the masters, learning the secrets that they knew. And third, it’s exuberance, that wonderful formula that keeps us from being boring."

This is a fun and lively workshop that helps you become the real you, find the sparkle that's inside, learn how to motivate and inspire others, and develop the  communication skills that can help you become memorable to everyone around you.   You will analyze how to “say things the BORING way” and then liven it up with fire, exuberance and word pictures! You’ll learn to explain things using powerful metaphors, which cut the understanding and guarantees that people remember your words and ideas!  This seminar teaches you that being memorable and the skills of great communication can be learned, and YOU can be a great speaker, great leader if you BE YOURSELF and add polish!

Finally, you will learn what makes a great delivery: your voice, body language, timing and exuberance! You get o practice what to do with your eyes, hands and body... as well as your voice!


  • The Difference Between Pros And Amateurs -- Learn What the Pros do
  • How to be authentic. How to find your ‘style’ What are your best qualities? Do they show?
  • Exude confidence as a speaker through practiced and effective delivery techniques.
  • Learn the speaker's greatest tool: Recovery Skills!
  • “Steal Like Crazy Until You Make Yourself Up”: Study the Style of Great Communicators
  • Confidence, Exuberance and Moxie! How to find them and use them!
  • How to create great metaphors that SHOW people what you’re saying and Cut the Understanding Time
  • How to speak with ‘word pictures’ so see ‘snapshots’ of your message
  • The Lisa Jeffery “Homeopathic Method” Of Curing Mistakes: Elvis Legs, Fidgeting, and other bad habits!
  • Memory, Thought, and the Power of Positive Words
  • How to have perfect eye contact with your audience every time!
  • Learn how to speak without notes! (Just like the pros!)


Due to its highly interactive nature, we suggest that this workshop be limited to approximately 12-15 participants per session. 


Why Study Public Speaking?

Public speaking is not a talent, it's a skill.  You can earn how to become skilled in building confidence, organizing your ideas, polishing your delivery -- and becoming memorable as you begin to develop your own speaking style. You will make prepared presentations in these courses, and will have many opportunities to practice your new impromptu speaking skills. You will learn how to tame your anxiety and use that adrenalin to your advantage. These courses are appropriate for the novice as well as experienced communicators. 

Learning public speaking skills helps you build confidence, overcome communication anxiety, and master methods on how to present your thoughts clearly, so they have an impact on your listeners or audience. Good speakers have influence, and this is why we study the skills and practice.  You can take your career to the next level with an enhanced ability to give clear, compelling, and engaging presentations. In these valuable hands-on and interactive one-day workshops, your will refine your public-speaking skills and learn techniques in building your confidence and how to organize your thoughts and speeches. You will also become more comfortable talking to groups and more authentic in your speaking style.

Because Lisa likes teaching Public Speaking in small groups, participants are limited to 12-15 people. You'll get some individual coaching and a practice plan on how to transform your speaking skills.

Each workshop is a full day, 9 am - 4 pm. The small-group format offers individual coaching and a chance to present two speeches during the day.

About Lisa Jeffery

Lisa Jeffery, MBA, MA is an executive coach, trainer and speaker to Fortune 500 companies in communication skills, accent reduction, public speaking & business writing.  With 30 years international experience in nine countries, she offers executive coaching, seminars, and lively keynote addresses in America and Europe. Lisa has presented speeches all over the word in English and French. 

Her clients include the NBC Today Show, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Lloyds Bank, Citibank, Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces, Burger King, AlpineStars, DHL,UPS, Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland & Knight, Sports and TV celebrities Such as Maria Celeste Ararras of NBC, Jackie Guerrido of UnivisionFerrarri Race Car Driver, Steven Goldstein, and Actor William Levy.

Lisa coaches CEOs, top corporate executives, lawyers, financial advisers, actors, broadcasters, authors, television show hosts, race car drivers, and scientists. She tailors her coaching to the client and combines accent reduction with public speaking and business writing coaching.

Some of her most-loved programs include, Make Your Voice Match Your Image , The Art of Being Memorable, The Science of Persuasion & "They're Not Like Us - Communicating Across Cultures."

Lisa is a former Captain in the US Air Force.  As a young lieutenant in Media relations, Lisa coached Air Force generals how to respond to difficult media interviews. As a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar in the Principality of Monaco, Lisa presented speeches in French all over France and Monaco, as an Ambassador of  "International Education, Understanding and Goodwill". 


Lisa Jeffery's Specialty is to Help You Speak with Precision, Elegance and influence! 


Lisa Jeffery offers private executive coaching, corporate training, seminars and keynotes.

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This is a safe place for you to practice your speaking skills in a second language. Lisa can guide you on how to overcome the extra challenges you face in public speaking in your second language.

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