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From the comfort of your very own closet 


Beth Roy 
B.Styled Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Consulting

B.Styled Closet Cleanse Program

15 minutes for 15 days to an organized closet

Imagine having a clean and organized closet filled only with items that fit you, work for your lifestyle and make you feel confident,  comfortable and put together.

No more opening your closet door and feeling stressed out and annoyed by how jammed packed and disorganized it is -  yet still having “nothing to wear.”

Introducing the B.Styled Closet Cleanse Program.


15 minutes a day for 15 days to a purged, edited and organized closet... all for just $2 per day.

For many of us, cleaning out our closet can be a daunting job and often one that is put off and never really happens.  By breaking it down into manageable 15 minute missions, you will hold yourself accountable and get the job done. 

You have two program options to choose from:  Group Paced or Self Paced:

Group Paced Program:  Starts on September 15th and runs for 15 days.  Each evening (starting September 14th) you will receive an email with a 15 minute mission to complete that following day.  You can also find the daily mission on my blog under the Members Only section.  You will have access to the optional, private Facebook group dedicated to Closet Cleanse program members ONLY,  where you can share pictures, ask questions and share ideas. 

Self Paced Program:   If you'd rather work at your own pace and not receive daily emails with the missions, you can work off the B.Styled Closet Cleanse Step-by-Step Checklist with 15 daily, 15 minute missions.  You will also have access to the Members Only section of the blog and the private Facebook group should you wish to see what other members are doing, ask questions and get ideas.

I'm here with you every step of the way...  Anytime you have a question or issue, just drop me a note at bstyledbybeth@gmail.com or tag me on the private Facebook page and I'll get right back to you. 

Let's get our closets in order NOW and B.Styled for the fall! 

  ~ Beth 


Sign up NOW and get ready to have an edit, organized and CLEANSED closet in 15 days!Register Now!