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Judy Onorato

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Wednesdays 10:30am - noon

October 1, 8, 15, 2014

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Driving Directions 

Reflective Writing and Conversation for Entrepreneurs to Thrive


You are smart, creative and devoted to living your best life.  You're likely an entrepreneur, creative,  solo or holistic professional  so you can do what you love and make a difference. It's not always easy to thrive and grow and we often need to look for our answers.  

The path of a solo professional can be a little lonely and intimiating at time. Learning and move foward in an open environment of light-hearted, authentic, dedicated women who value sharing and mutual success, weaves friendship and fun into a rich tapestry knowledge, experience, wisdom and insight.

Taking time to reflect and discuss with others is expanding. Purposeful  journalling and conversation can save a whole lot of time, money and stress and make it much easier to find our truth.  Enough accountability to get it done and regular practice to affirm the benefits.

This 3 part series gets you started in a practice that can support you for life. It has the potential to be ongoing for as long as it benefits the group.

Each gathering will be organic and will reflect the unique attributes of the group. In this first series we will explore topics of self confidence, to be free from judgement criticism and doubt and personal strengths. Each have a significant impact on our business strategy, sales and marketing. With expanded awareness and deeper understanding comes healing, clarity, empowerment and authentic confidence. Decisions are easier to make. 

Providing your birth information as you register gives me the opportunity to bring personalized nuggets of numerology or astrology insight.

Each reflective exercise will be brought to the next class for conversation and discovery. Each person will enrich the program. You are encouraged to share your reflection and experience to infuse discussion, illuminate understanding and as an opportunity to apply our learning and creative ideas.

We can journal for ourselves, but to be accountable to complete and to expand on our realizations with others can take it to a whole different level and is certainly a lot more fun.


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