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1552 - 6:00-9:00 PM [Tues & Thurs 3/20 (4 sessions) Fielding200] John Ward, Instructor
1552 - Course Reference Number (CRN)
6:00-9:00 PM - Class Time
[Tues - Day(s) of week class meets
3/20 - Date course begins
(4 sessions) - Number of days class meets
Fielding200] - Building/Room
i.e. Class meets every Tuesday and Thursday starting on March 20th at 6:00 pm for 2 weeks or 4 sessions in the Fielding Building Room 200.  The class ends at 9:00 pm.


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Computer Classes
Basic Computer Skills
Learn how to access web sites, know the basic parts of your computer, and features of your Operating System (OS) that will keep your computer running. Antivirus options, using a webmail account, emailing photographs, and copying files will also be taught. Vern Haynes III, instructor. $39
                               1732 6-9 PM Monday 9/29 (1 Session) Fielding 229
                               1735 9A-12P Friday    1/23 (1 Session) Fielding 229
NEW! Virus Protection: Avoid the traps
While no system is completely safe from viruses and other threats, using the techniques outlined in this course will help you to avoid malware websites, protect yourself, and also provide some free (or inexpensive) utilities to get the job done.  Skills from the Basic Computer Skills class needed. Vern Haynes III, instructor. $39
                               1736 9A-12P  Friday   1/30 (1 Session) Fielding 229
Computer Maintenance: Be prepared
Optimizing, removing old programs, checking for viruses and malware, clearing out temporary files, defragmenting and a good maintenance strategy includes backing up files.  Options for backing up your computer are covered. Bring your own laptop if you have one. Vern Haynes III, instructor. $39
                               1640 9A-12P  Friday    2/6  (1 Session) Fielding 229
NEW! Picasa: Basics & Projects
Picasa is a great free photo management program that does much more than organize your photos. It can help you create movie slide-shows, multi-photo collages, and more.  Vern Haynes III, instructor. $39
                             1739 6-9 PM Monday 10/27 (1 Session) Fielding 229
                             1740 9A-12P Friday     2/20 (1 Session) Fielding 229
NEW! Publisher: An easier way to publish
Publisher can help create many useful and fun projects such as advertising signs, flyers, business cards, postcards, greeting cards, labels, newsletters, and brochures. Vern Haynes III, instructor. $39
                               1741 6-9 PM Monday 11/3 (1 Session) Fielding 229
                               1742 9A-12P Friday   2/27 (1 Session) Fielding 229
NEW! Excel 2013: New Features and Common Tasks                      Using Excel, we will make a library list, a product or inventory list, a name and address list, and an expense sheet.  Participants should possess basic Excel Skills. Vern Haynes III, instructor. $39
                        1743  6-9 PM  Monday   11/10  (1 Session) Fielding 229
                        1744  9A-12P   Monday    2/2    (1 Session) Fielding 229 New! Excel 2010                                                                                  Go from learning why to use a spreadsheet to charts and graphs. Use Excel to create spreadsheets for accounting, budgeting, expense tracking, and other applications. Learn to set up and format worksheets and enter labels, values, and formulas. Discover how to select data, restrict data entry, adjust column widths, and move around the worksheet. Verm Haynes III, instructor.  $99.00                                             9A-4P   Thursday  11/6  (1 Session)  Fielding 226a NEW! Word 2013: New Features and Common Tasks                       In this course we will build a resume, use tables, and make a newsletter format.  We will also cover footnotes, indexing, and table of contents.   Participants should possess basic MS Word skills. Vern Haynes III, instructor.  $39  
                            1745 6-9PM  Monday 11/17 (1 Session) Fielding 229                             1746 9a-12PM  Friday 2/13 (1 Session) Fielding 229 NEW! Word 2010                                                                                You may use MS Word everyday but what tips or tricks have you forgotten? In this hands-on course we will create several basic starter documents, save as template files, spruce them up with graphics, tables, clip art, and more.  Printing, columns, and tabs can make your documents even more powerful.  In addition to label and envelope printing, a powerful letter writing tool called Mail Merge will also be covered. Vern Haynes III, instructor. $99                                                                                  9a-4PM Thursday 11/13 (1 Session) Fielding 226a   NEW! Mail Merge                                                                              Learn how to use features in Word and Excel to create letters individually addressed to each recipient on an address list.  Participants need an Excel address list and basic Excel skills.  Vern Haynes III, instructor. $39.00
                                1-3 PM Thursday 10/9 (1 Session) Fielding 229      NEW! Outlook 2010  Learn how to manage the flood of emails you receive and create folders and archives so you can always find what you need.  Gain tips on how to customize Outlook so it perfectly meets your needs and how to automate your work with rules.  Vern Haynes III, instructor. $60                                                                                                  8:30a-12:30p Wednesday10/15 (1 Session) Fielding 229   New!  Quickbooks for Beginners                                                 Hands on Workshop to learn the basic of QuickBooks covering: Navigation; setting up companies, preferences and chart of accounts; writing checks, entering and paying bills, entering transactions; tidbits, shortcuts and much more!  The class targets businesses that have some or no experience with QuickBooks.  Kelly Dyer, instructor,   $129.00 (includes lunch)                                                                                9A-4P   Thursday  10/2 (1 Session)  Thompson B                        9A-4P   Thursday  2/5  (1 Session)  Thompson B           New! Advanced QuickBooks                                                       This hands on workshop teaches advanced topics about QuickBooks.  The following topics will be covered: Customizing sales receipts and invoices, custom fields, customizing and memorizing reports, memorizing transactions, exporting to excel, tracking quantities, reconciling accounts and more!  Kelly Dyer, Instructor. $129.00                          6-9PM Wed/Thurs  11/5 & 11/6 (2 Sessions) Fielding 231
Operating Systems:
Windows 7: Upgrade easily from XP
Windows 7 is great, but it does change some things from XP. If you
have recently upgraded from XP, this class will take you through
the basics of the operating system, plus cover some additional features
and utilities. Vern Haynes III, instructor. $39
                             1619 6-9 PM Monday 12/1 (1 Session) Fielding 229
                            1641 9A-12P Monday  2/9  (1 Session) Fielding 229
Windows 8: Don’t throw your laptop out the window!
If you are frustrated with Windows 8, this class is for you! Windows
8 is dramatically different than previous versions of Windows. In
this course, students will learn some of the basics of the Windows
8 interface such as configuring a computer for wireless access, installing devices, as well some tips, best practices and available add-ons (apps). A Q&A session enable you to address any unique or
special problems you are having. Bring your own laptop to maximize
your learning with hands-on exercises with the newest version
of Windows! Vern Haynes III, instructor. $49
              1644 8:30AM-12:30PM Monday 12/8 (1 Session) Fielding 229
               1651 8:30AM-12:30PM Friday   2/13 (1 Session) Fielding 229



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Prime Time Learners - Over 60 years old get 10% off.
Multiple course discount - 15% off each when you enroll in three or more at the same time.
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