Thursday November 6, 2014 from 4:30 PM to 11:55 PM CST
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2058 High School Rd
Bessemer,, AL 35023

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Joshua Walsh 
"Woodlawn Movie" 

"Woodlawn" Movie

 WoodLawn vs. Huffman Scene 

You’re a movie extra now.

You have been invited to participate as a film extra in the WOODLAWN film. Your registration confirms that you will be part of this scene. As a result, it is very important that you commit to attending on the dates you registered for, as the entire film crew is counting on you. You are a vital part of this process and we can’t make these movies without you. Details on your scene are below.

Watch Woodlawn proof of concept Below. We ask that you do not share this.

Woodlawn Proof of Concept:

https://vimeo.com/54379667 / password: tdtony#22

WoodLawn Vs Ensley Scene Details

This scene takes place at Hueytown High school. You will be fans in the audience waving on your team. Pretty simple stuff in this scene. I might ask you to bring a few different pairs of cloths when it gets closer to the date. All ages are welcome. Bring coats and gloves incase it gets chilly. If you want to make home made signs for the football teams that is encouraged.

Snacks and drinks will be provided for you throughout the night. If we keep you there later then expected we will provide a meal as well. 


What’s in my closet right now that I could wear?

We understand that a lot of you are busy and that film isn’t your main gig. So here’s some quick tips for you to be prepared. Guess what? It’s likely that in your closet right now you have clothing that will work for this film’s time period, the 1970s. For this particular scene if you have any gold and green-colored clothes for woodlawn and Blue for Banks bring them. Be aware that it’s not absolutely required you wear representing school colors. Listed below are alternative wardrobe picks you just might have in your closet. Wondering what the color palette was back in the 1970s? Think black, earthy shades of brown, oranges, lime green, mint green, yellow, blues, brick red, and even dark purple. 

* Turtlenecks                             *  Blue Jeans 

* Heavy coats such as solid-colored trench, overcoat, leather etc.

*  Maroon-colored pants           * Denim jackets                       

*  Caps without any logos on them

* Plaid Shirts                              * High-waisted pants for women 

* khaki pants                              * White T-Shirts 

* White-washed jeans                * Solid color button-up shirts 

* Corduroy pants                        * Solid color T-shirts 

Want to best represent the 1970s? If you’re able to buy clothing from thrift stores or online here is a clickable link that will give you a great visual reference for the style and more on the color palette of the era: http://tinyurl.com/WoodlawnPhotos

Actors in this scene are Sean Astin “Lord Of The Rings” “Goonies” and “Rudy”  Osy Ikhile from the new Ron Howard film “In The Heart Of The Sea”.