Catherine Hulme 
Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland 

Volunteer to help unaccompanied children seeking refuge in Maryland! 

Non-attorney Spanish-speakersfluent in Spanish and English can offer interpreting services. To register as an interpreter, fill out the Volunteer Interpreter Registration Form by clicking here.

Attorneys barred in any state, the best way to get invovled is by taking a training. To register for a training, click on the title of the training course below. You can also choose to fill out the general volunteer interest form, by clicking here 

INDENTIFYING IMMIGRATION RELIEF WHILE INTERVIEWING AN UNACCOMPANIED CHILD. Attorneys barred in any state and non-attorney Spanish-speakers are invited to take this training. Attendees will learn how to interview an unaccompanied child, identify common forms of immigration relief, and advise the child on next steps. This training prepares attorneys for Project clinics.

SPECIAL IMMIGRANT JUVENILE STATUS. Children who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected by one or more parents may be eligble for SIJS. It involves representation of the child’s sponsor in family court.  Maryland-barred attorneys are invited to take this training to learn how to represent the sponsor in the family court - completing the vital first step in obtaining SIJS for an unaccompanied child. 

ASYLUM-APPROVED! HOW TO REPRESENT ASYLUM-SEEKERS. Attorneys barred in any statecan take this training to learn how to represent unaccompanied immigrant children and mothers with children who fear returning to their home country because their government could not protect them from past or future harms. 


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