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MALA Educational Affiliate Membership - If you are employed by a library who is a member of MALA or your library is on the Get Connected Courier Delivery Service -- YOU ARE A MEMBER TOO! Contact Mary Puhr at MALA for more information on membership levels or to check your membership status.

MALA Get Connected Library Courier DeliveryIf you are interested in a membership with interlibrary loan courier service, contact Kirsten Myers, Courier Services/Special Projects Coordinator.


MALA Library Espresso Shot Training Subscriptions 


Are you looking for a quick tutorial on a specific library topic? We have just what you need!  A Mid-America Library Alliance (MALA) Library Espresso Shot Training subscription.  MALA is offering a one year subscription of short 3-10 minute tutorials that cover library-related current topics in a shorter timeframe. You will also receive any new “espresso shot tutorials” we add during your subscription year.

Printable Library Espresso Shot tutorial list with descriptions, presenters & lengths!

Upon successful registration of your one year subscription, you will be emailed a document listing the topics available with a link to each tutorial’s page. SAVE THIS DOCUMENT!  To access the MALA Library Espresso Shot tutorial you would like to view, click on the title.  On the next page, you only need to enter your name, library and email, click register, and you will immediately be sent the link and password for that “Espresso Shot”.  As passwords are changed frequently, you may be updated with new passwords during your subscription year as well as links for new tutorials that are added.


Cost for MALA Library Espresso Shot subscription:

Each registration entitles only the registrant to access the tutorial. Registrations may not be shared in any way. You may not broadcast or redistribute in any way without prior approval from Mid-America Library Alliance. That includes, but is not limited to, displaying the tutorial via projector, large screen TV, or overhead projector.

  • MALA member: $25.00
  • Non-member: $50.00
If you are interested in a yearly subscription to all our full length webcasts, which also includes our Library Espresso Shot Training tutorials, check out the MALA All Access Pass. Our entire library of webcasts and tutorials is available for $89 for a one year subscription.  Please note: The MALA All Access Pass subscription does not include the MALA Harassment Training for Library Supervisors or Library Staff.