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Lamb's Tale MInistries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry, devoted to Christian leadership care and general public retreat ministry.  Since 2000, we have offered annual "respite care" for Christian leaders at the Haven River Inn.  In keeping with our commitment to leaders, this retreat endeavors to "add life to your years."

Lamb's Tale Ministries invites you to attend

"The Taste  of Transformation"

  Is "Food as Medicine" Possible?

at the Haven River Inn March 12-15, 2015


In the doctor's office this conversation happens regulary.  The patient has lifestyle issues that will end in things like: heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, arthritis, and diabetes to name but a few.  And for some, sooner than later.

The question comes, "Can't I do this with diet change?  What if I exercise more?"  

And the doctor nods and says that these things help, but they probably won't take the place of medications.  Physicians have seen it though.  People can turn their health around.  But will they?

But how much change is enough?  And how hard it it? And who has the time to devote to thinking this through?  We are saying that you can do it, and  it's not as hard as you think and asking you to take the time.  Come away and focus on this for four days and three nights.  And then live life differently.

We believe that with a focused time of training to encourage adequate change, the answer can be different.  Medications can be entirely avoided or fewer medicines and lower doses can suffice.    We have seen this.  We are living this.

We know that God numbers our days.  But, will our days be healthy ones? Will we feel like living them out?  Will our ministries and jobs and life purpose be energetically fulfilled? 

Or will we become a statistic fulfilling the prediction that the current baby boomer generation may live longer than their parents, but be ten years sicker toward the end of their lives?    

If you want to feel better soon, improve your health, or get over overeating, you are invited to join Drs. John and Suzanne Ramsay at this retreat.  They are the founders of the Cornerstone Clinic and Lamb's Tale Ministries, and they bring over 60 years of combined clinical experience helping people with their health.  They are joined by wellness coach, Andrea Konuma.

             Take a Giant health promoting step at this  Wellness Retreat for





- and Christian leaders are especially welcome!

Do you have heart disease, but have gotten tired of trying to use diet to make a difference? Or do you have high blood pressure or diabetes, and the medicines don't work too well? 

If you live to be 85, as many of you will, will you have osteoporosis?  Arthritis? Sleep apnea? Are you at a high risk for cancer?  Do you take medication for high cholesterol?  Did you know that even impotence can respond to diet change? 

  • Are you stuck in your efforts at weight loss?  
  • Would you like help with lifestyle changes that treat depression and anxiety? 
  • Do people need probiotics, and what do they do for us? 
  • How much protein is best? 
  • Where do food allergies or sensitivities fit in? 
  • Do supplements make sense?  If so, which ones?  

What specific foods should be added?   Isn't it hard to tell these days? 

 How do you make healthful changes be both delicious and good for you? 

This retreat offers help and information along all these lines.  And much more will be addressed in this very practical retreat.

  • Four days and three nights at the Haven River Inn - A restful yet motivating experience
  • Delicious yet very healthy food.  You won't be hungry, and you will lose weight.
  • Teaching and devotions offering an integration of body and soul wellness.  Tools for transformation from a Medical and a Biblical perspective.
  • Hands on cooking demonstrations.
  • Coaching to help you develop your own food plan. 
  • Sample from our favorites, avoid the 'false starts' and save $$$ at the grocery store.
  • Create your own strategic plan that that will allow you to take big strides toward he alth.
  • Menus, recipes, and shopping guide.
  • Optional but highly recommended:  Make the retreat very personally applicable with a Medical consult, sophisticated blood work, and Carotid Intima Media Thickness (CIMT).  More details to follow on the registration page. 




 A lot of us seem to take better care of others than of ourselves.  In that case, do you love someone enough to make a serious effort at regaining and maintaining your own health?  Then we hope you will come!



Suzanne Ellison Ramsay, MD: a family physician for 30 years has taken special interest in preventive care and weight   losSuz heads.  "I believe that the best diet is one that people will stay on.  So pretty much, I help people look at facts and then help them design their diet themselves.  Lifestyle change is difficult, and needs to be worth it. People need to feel better and require fewer medications as a result of changes they do make.  But that does not happen if the changes are not sustainable ... and delicious.

For my patients, sometimes lack of knowledge is the problem, but not usually. Change is hindered by issues that are not so easily addressed.  Patients are smart, but often lack the time to focus on enough change to bring about the desired results. That is why I love wellness retreats.  People will spend a few days focusing on their health, and leave feeling physically better, so they are "sold" on several very do-able changes.

My patients don't want more pills, they want hope of healing.  I love it when my patients come up to me at basketball games or at the grocery store, looking so much better, and I barely recognize them. 

 Dr. Ellison-Ramsay is the founder of Lamb's Tale Ministries, and she and husband, John Ramsay, have five children, aged 31-22.   Then at age 50, she developed five "chronic" illnesses that are now being treated with diet and exercise alone.   "I made significant change, but it is easy now." Her approach has led to writing a book,  Do I Eat This? D.I.E.T?

 And with the history of shedding 50 pounds (five times), she's following God's lead to address the interplay between stress and overeating.  

"In my thirties and forties, I remember wanting to skip those Bible passages about viewing our bodies as a temple of the Holy Spirit.  At that time my stressed soul seemed to say, Temple, what temple, I don't see a temple.   Now, the following quote by Oswald Chambers means so much to me, The biggest favor you can do for others within the Kingdom of God is to repent yourself of what you know you need to change, and then help others do the same. "




John Ramsay, MD, named the 2008 Texas Family Physician of the Year, John has practiced medicine in Fredericksburg for over 29 years. 

 "I used to eat fast food from a local convenience store three times a week for lunch.  Then with blood pressure elevation and the finding of plaque in my carotid artery, I am now serious about what I eat.  The pressures of my busy life almost seemed to trap me into choosing convenient, non-nourishing foods.  It does not have to be that way. 

I would like to eat only at home, but even when I eat out, I have learned to choose well. I don't want blood pressure medication,  or more fat around my middle, or who knows what will be next.  It may have taken several years, but finally Suzie and I are eating for health.  And actually, it tastes great. 

There are significant side benefits as well.  Our kids are seeing us do this, and all of them are improving their fast-food, high sugar ways.  Their tastes are expanding and their bodies tell them the difference, just like ours did.  However, we didn't make changes in order to change them.  We were the ones with the greater need.   We were part of the problem.



Andrea Konuma: Wellness Coach               

For the past 24 years, Andrea has worked as a corporate trainer and a coach serving global corporations in Japan.  She thought life was going along well for her when one day, while out running, she had a heart attack!  She was training for her next marathon, and ... well, that is a story you'll want to hear. 

Andrea's work helping corporations create healthier work environments and her own personal experience with a health challenge, led her to gain certification as a wellness coach.  She is passionate about helping people make just a few changes that lead to a world of difference.

Born in Bryan-College Station, Andrea graduated from A&M, and currently lives nine months of the year in Fredericksburg where her high school son is in school.  She says, "It's good to be back in Texas for a while - reconnecting with old friends and making new ones."


Our goals for you would be:

~ Learn how to equip your body's front line and open your internal pharmacy.

~ Recognize what blocks you from taking care of yourself both physically and spiritually.

~ Start changing while you are here and easily continue when you leave.

Registration fees include the conference fee plus meals, with or without a lodging fee.  Follow this link to view pricing of both single and double occupancy rooms, and the commuter rate.  The next button takes you first to an email address entry point.  Then next to all options and prices.   


The various elements of  an optional personal consult include any or all of the following: (and the most helpful by far is the CIMT, see below)

  • History and limited physical exam with Dr. Suzanne Ellison Ramsay
  • Blood tests: standard practice: (lipids, chemistry profile, TSH - thyroid test)
  • Blood tests: Advanced Cardiovascular Risk Screening Profile by Health Diagnostics Labs (billed separately)
  • Blood tests:  Food Sensitivity Screenings by Alletess Labs (billed separately)
  • Carotid Intima Media Thickness (CIMT) - the most accurate, and completely non-invasive predictor of stroke and coronary artery disease risk, done with ultrasound prior to retreat
  • for questions about these consult details, call Dr. Ellison Ramsay at 830-889-1017