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Phoenix Perennials and Specialty Plants Ltd. 

'Anna's Red' and 'Penny's Pink'
Valentine's Day Pre-Sale
Instead of red or pink roses how about red or pink Lenten roses? 

Add passion to your garden for Valentine's Day! 'Anna's Red' is the best red hellebore in the world and 'Penny's Pink' is a stunning pink. Both plants have stunning foliage. These breakthrough cultivars bring the bold red and true pink colours achieved by the nodding Lenten roses to the stemmed group of hybrids previously limited to white, green & dusky pink.

'Anna's Red'

'Penny's Pink'

'Anna's Red' -- The rich, velvety red flowers are stunning in the winter garden centred with their bright yellow stamens and can bloom as early as Dec and January. The flowers positively glow when the sun shines through them. The flowers have a mostly upright and outward-facing habit sometimes with a slight nod and sit atop superlative foliage. As if the richness of colour of the flowers isn't enough, the leathery, boldly-mottled foliage emerges flushed with red variegation that later turns to silvery mint green! Yes. This is a red flowered and (in spring) red variegated hellebore!

'Anna's Red' is a unique and superlative new hellebore cultivar that is bound to be a classic.


'Penny's Pink' -- Has gorgeous, cupped, pink flowers that are outward-facing and amazing foliage. The pink buds open in early January to deep pink flowers that slowly deepen to green and deep pink tones. The foliage is a bluish-green and emerges with pink-flushed veins that slowly lighten to silver-green. This is a pink hellebore that gives 'Pink Frost' a run for its money! It also makes an excellent companion to 'Anna's Red'.

Whether 'Anna's Red' and 'Penny's Pink' ends up as a Valentine's Day present for your loved one or for yourself your late winter and early spring garden will never be the same!

Our 'Anna's Red' and 'Penny's Pink' hellebores are blooming plants in gallon pots for $24.99 plus tax. They include an optional cellophane wrapping with red or pink ribbon for Valentine's Day. They can be picked up on weekdays starting on Tuesday February 10th from 10am-4pm or during and after the Hellebore Hurrah! (Feb. 27th-March 1st) seven days a week from 10am to 5pm.

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