Health Services Credential Program

glasses-woman-books.jpg HS University's credential  program is offered online and at these campus locations: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York andSan Francisco.  Students can use a combination of online and campus modalities of learning to complete this program.  This is a 12-24 week certification program.

An HS University credential prepares graduates by giving them knowledge and basic skills to manage and train in Health Services.

The credential is an integrated program combining academic instruction in the foundation of a content area with the management skills of planning, organizing, leading, assessing and evaluating.  Students prepare for management positions in a Head Start/Early Head Start, Pre-K or Preschool environment.

The credential program earns credits that are designed to be applied towards advance degrees.  Graduates of the credential program gain teaching strategies of best practices. Graduates will be prepared to make management decisions and to use leadership practices in an Early Childhood program. 

The credential program has a 10-20 credit required course of study.  The University reserves the right to modify the curriculum as necessary. The program involves a variety of learning formats, depending upon the subject matter and competencies to be developed. These formats include lecture, group work and self-directed learning.  Additional time may be required outside of the formal class sessions for homework, learning team meetings and project activities.