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  Reducing complexity in tanker operations
How do you keep commercial, safety, technical and financial departments - and your crew - happy at the same time? 
                                                                                        Hamburg - October 22, 2015


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Hamburg Hafen Hotel 
Seewartenstraße 9
Hamburg 20459

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Thursday October 22, 2015 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM CEST
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Our fourth Tanker Operator Hamburg conference, with theme 'Reducing Complexity" tackles most difficult issues facing today's tanker operators - how to implement a strong culture and strong management systems, while at the same time manage costs - particularly fuel costs - without making your business too complicated to manage.



Dimitris Lyras, Director of Ulysses Systems
9.15 Chairman's introduction

9.20 Martin Shaw, Managing Director, Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions Watch Video    View Slides

 Finding the right balance between focussing on today's business performance vs building protection against tomorrow's depressed markets

9.50 Mark Bull,  marine consultant, former quality manager and DPA, Columbia Shipmanagement
Reducing complexity on the bridge  Watch Video   View Slides

  • The revolution underway which includes the incorporation of ECDIS 
  • Far reaching effects this new equipment is having on ship operation which goes beyond pure charts and even attempts to change the way we purchase charts

10.20    Capt. Kuzman Popov, DPA & CSO DS Tankers GmbH & Co. KG
The future developments on the tanker market and best management practices used by tanker managers 
This presentation will be delivered on Capt Popov’s behalf by Ian Cochran, editor of Tanker Operator

10.40 Break

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11.10 Dr. Frank Bernier, director sales and marketing, CM Technologies
Cat fine problems due to low sulphur fuel and what to do about them View Slides

  • Low sulphur fuel can have higher presence of catalytic fines, from the catalyst used in the process to remove sulphur
  • Sometimes the fines are not detected because the concentrations are very low, but they can sink to the bottom of tanks and cause problems if they are dislodged later due to ship rolling
  • This can create a high volume of fines in fuel flow to the engine, which is too high to stop using separators, which means fines can enter the engine and destroy it
  • A low cost easy to administrate shipboard method to make sure this doesn't happen

Session: keeping procedures simple

11.40 Axel Kahl, Owner, Chemical Marine (formerly marine technical manager, Shell Chemicals)  Watch Video View Slides 

Simplifying the safety management system - KIS - keep it simple

  • Is the SMS getting out of control ?– too complex and too many changes.
  • SMS – quality instead of quantity.
  • For whom is the SMS written for?
  • Do the crew still understand the SMS?
  • Risk assessments and what goes wrong in the shipping industry.
  • Hazard Register – a solution for Risk Assessments of standard operations

12.10 Pascal Geisen, chief officer  View Slides

The seafarers' perspective about keeping it simple 

  • Can we involve ship's crew in drafting new procedures and improving the ISM system?
  • Using cloud based systems offshore - synchronising data
  • Using instant messaging via smartphone to communicate with the office

12.40 Panel discussion

1.15 Close

Dr Frank Bernier

Dr. Frank Bernier, Director for Marketing & Sales of CM Technologies GmbH, started his occupational development from scratch as AB seaman on several trading vessels. After graduating as Technical Marine Engineer at the Maritime University Warnemnde / Wustrow he worked as scientific employee at the same University with main focus on “analysis of wear and tear of Diesel engines under the influence of different operating conditions and different operating fluid conditions” - successfully finished as Doctor-Engineer (PhD).

Before he started as Project manager in the Sales Department (Marine Division) of MAN B&W Diesel AG he was employed in a German shipping company as Technical Engineer.
Dr. Bernier was one of the Sales Directors for Marketing & Sales Large Propulsion, Marine Division of MAN B&W Diesel AG before he was asked to work as CEO of the company Dr. E. Horn GmbH and Bahrmann GmbH responsible for Sales, Service and R & D.
January 2014 he joined CM Technologies where he uses his considerable experiences to help the team to develop and sell condition monitoring systems especially for the marine industry.

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