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Reducing complexity for tanker operators
Meeting regulatory, safety / environmental, economic, customer and crew demands is getting tougher 
How can we make our lives simpler? 
6thTanker Operator Singapore conference, Thursday Oct 8, 2015
Suntec Conference Centre

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Panas Kalliantas, Conference Producer
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Karl Jeffery, publisher 
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Thursday October 8, 2015 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM SGT
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Room 332/333, Suntec Conference Centre 
1 Raffles Boulevard Suntec City
Singapore 039593

Driving Directions 

Speakers include

  • Dimitris Lyras, director, Lyras Shipping (chair)
  • Capt. K.K.Mukherjee Director (Operations), NYK Bulkship (Asia) Ltd
  • Arvind Sharma, Managing Director, Platinum Ship Management, ex Group Director HR Marine, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
  • Axel Kahl, Owner, Chemical Marine (formerly marine technical manager, Shell Chemicals)



9.30 Dimitris Lyras, director, Lyras Shipping (chair)
Chairman's introduction 


Arvind Sharma, Managing Director, Platinum Ship Management and ex Group Director HR Marine, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

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Factoring in the Human Element
Do the crew add to the complexity ? or are they the victims?
Are we really utilising our human resources effectively?
Can we harness the "power of many" to reduce complexity and make our lives easier?



10.10 Capt. K.K.Mukherjee Director (Operations), NYK Bulkship (Asia) Ltd
Sustaining competitiveness
- Trends in  the tanker market
- Risks and concerns to operators,
- Best practise and business ethics

11.10 BREAK 
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11.40 Axel Kahl, Owner, Chemical Marine (formerly marine technical manager, Shell Chemicals)

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Simplifying the safety management system - KIS - keep it simple
  • Is the SMS getting out of control ?– too complex and too many changes.
  • SMS – quality instead of quantity.
  • For whom is the SMS written for?
  • Do the crew still understand the SMS?
  • Risk assessments and what goes wrong in the shipping industry.
  • Hazard Register – a solution for Risk Assessments of standard operations

12.00 Panel discussion - with morning speakers, also with Fritz Heidenreich, president and founder of Q88

12.45 Lunch and close

Call for speakers
Do you have thoughts about what's next for the tanker industry - and how the industry can be better prepared for the future? Please contact conference producer Panas Kalliantas to discuss further on pdkalliantas@d-e-j.com

In Singapore on Thursday October 8, Tanker Operator magazine is running our 6th conference, looking at ways to reduce complexity and make your business easier to run.

We are organising this conference to see if we can find and share ways to make tanker companies easier to manage.

For example, 

  • Could shipyards take responsibility for efficiency and vessel lifecycle performance?
  • Can we handle crewing costs and crew motivation at the same time?
  • Can we give customers (oil companies) more confidence in our management by giving them more ongoing information rather than periodic vetting? Can we use vetting as part of business management? 
  • Can we make better use of software and monitoring for managing environmental performance and fuel consumption?
  • Can we link regular vessel repair / maintenance with efforts to improve fuel efficiency,  eg with application of hull, propeller and rudder coatings, rudder and propeller retrofits?
  • Can we ask engine manufacturers to get more involved in engine operations, like in the aircraft industry?

Can we make the core of our business - systems, crew motivation and customer relationships - more robust, leading to better business performance in all areas and the business being better prepared for unpredictable market changes?  

Many of the basics of tanker shipping - customers, crew, vessel operations, safety, environmental performance - have not changed in 100 years. But what has changed is how demanding all of these factors are.

Delegates registered (as of Aug 25) include AET Shipmanagement (Singapore) Pte Ltd, group tenders & contracts group procurement; Anglo-Eastern Shipmanagement (S) Pte Ltd, Deputy Managing Director; BTS Tankers Pte Ltd., operations manager – agency; Evergas A/S, Head of Marine Standards; M.T.Maritime Pte Ltd, General Manager, Operations; Maersk Tankers A/S, Marine Superintendent; Ocean Tankers (Pte) Ltd, Technical Manager; Ocean Tankers Pte Ltd, Manager- Safety; Ocean Tankers PTE. Ltd., Manager, Crew Training; OMC Shipping, Fleet Manager; OMC Shipping Pte.Ltd, fleet marine manager; Prisco (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Managing Director; Seabliss Marine Services Pte Ltd, Managing Director; Socatra Singapore Pte. Ltd, Manager - Assurance and Training; SOCATRA Singapore Pte. Ltd., Marine Superintendent; Sukhpal Maritime Transport, Singapore, Partner

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