What Is My Business Worth?

Workshop for Business Coaches


Wednesday, April 8, 2015 from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM EST
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Elena Volkova 
Volkova Law Group PLLC 

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Dear Business Coaches –

You make your living helping others achieve their financial goals…

… But have you ever wondered what your own business is worth?

As professionals who are in the business of helping others plan for the future, it can be all too easy to keep your focus on your daily work with clients… and never take the time to grow your own business or prepare for its future.

In short, you help others reach their goals… while your own goals sit on the backburner.

Join Elena Volkova, Esq. and Barbara Vrancik, a strategic financial consultant, as they help you understand exactly what your business is worth and how to maximize its value for the potential sale (just in case you ever want to do it).

In this workshop, we will teach you:

  • What it means to own a business (incorporated or not);
  • What assets are most valuable to your potential buyers;
  • How to grow and protect your most valuable business assets, like intellectual property, trade secrets and client lists; and
  • How to assign value to your business.

Ready to change the way you treat your business?

With this knowledge, you’ll understand the ins and outs of your business in the same way that you help your clients understand theirs. Because when you get clear about what drives the value of your business in the eyes of other people, you have the incentive to pay attention to THOSE assets and lines of work first and foremost…

And when you pay attention to those assets, the value of your business will keep going up in the eyes of your potential buyers.

Don’t wait until it is too late to learn about valuing your business and planning for its future. Join us – and finally take your own goals off the backburner.

Elena Volkova, Esq. is the founding member of Volkova Law Group PLLC, a Manhattan law firm serving the legal needs of local businesses, non-profits and families. Elena works with start-ups and mature businesses helping them incorporate, raise financing, acquire or sell assets and negotiate complex service and employment agreements. Before starting her own practice, she was a capital markets associate at LeBoeuf Lamb (2002-2006) and Linklaters (2006-2011).

Barbara Vrancik is a strategic financial consultant and angel investor.   As a seasoned finance industry insider that sat on both sides of the table, she is now bringing her expertise to small business owners by showing them how to use the financial side of business to accelerate growth.  Barbara was a Partner at a major New York City law firm where she represented bankers, investment bankers, private equity investors and corporations in sophisticated and complex financing transactions and restructurings.