David Stevens 
Yoga of the Mind 


Sunday February 8, 2015 from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM MST

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Yoga of the Mind Classroom 
8 East First Avenue, Suite 103
1st & Broadway above the Hornet Restaurant
Denver, CO 80203

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Everyone has Intuition, yet the problem remains how can we trust it? How can we know it is not just a projected feeling? These are the types of doubts that derail us from the Intuitive Flow, that we’ve always suspected is there, yet we’ve failed in always being albe connect and use it. There is an antidote to this doubt, a series of techniques for gaining certainty in your inner perceptions. And you’ll learn one of the most important and useful techniques in this Free 90 minute class.

This class is a FREE class but we do not let that stop us from packing it full of techniques to get you connect with your passion and your intuition more by the end of the evening.

Alex said after the class.

"A good introduction of what Yoga of the Mind has to offer. There were interactive exercises that I found interesting and left me with food for thought. The group was very open and chatty which was a nice ice breaker. I will definitely take more classes here"

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