Friday February 13, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM HST
8:00-8:30 AM Registration
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ADAD Office Building - Kakuhihewa Building
Room 577 A & B
601 Kamokila Blvd.
Kapolei, HI 96707

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$25.00 payable to CDFH by credit card through this registration site.  Personal/cashiers, agency checks and money orders are accepted and may be mailed to:
Coalition for a Drug-Free  Hawaii
Attn: Michelle Park
1130 N. Nimitz Hwy. Suite A259
Honolulu, HI 96817

Registration Deadline

February 6, 2015

Open to first 25 registrants


6 CSAC hours ADAD approved


Michelle Park 
Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii
Hawaii Pacific Center for Excellence
808-545-3228 ext. 37 

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division: Introduction to Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R) 

Content The Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R) is a quantitative survey of offender attributes and their situations relevant to the level of supervision and treatment decisions. Designed for ages 16 and older, the LSI-R helps predict parole outcome, success in correctional halfway houses, institutional misconducts, and recidivism. These factors are utilized to make decisions about the offender’s risk and treatment. This workshop will provide background information, information on how the LSI-R is scored, how to read the LSI-R/ASUS assessment summary, how the LSI-R is used by probation officers, and how the LSI-R information can be used in treatment planning and treatment reports.

Instructor:  Interagency Council on Intermediate Sanctions.  This is a statewide initiative under the SOH Judiciary which engages the Directors from five departmental stakeholders.  They include the Department of Public Safety, Paroling Authority, Department of Health, The Office of the State Attorney General, and The Judiciary via an MOA.  There are additional ancillary stakeholders and their respective designees from HPD, The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, The Office of the Public Defender and private agencies.  The vision and goal of ICIS is simply the reduction of recidivism through the endorsement and application of evidence based-practices/principles/strategies for all criminal justice agencies at various entry points statewide.  ICIS has been an initiative since 2002 and is based on the authority of the Hawaii State Supreme Court and Order signed by then Chief Justice Ronald Moon.

Target Audience: Certified Substance Abuse Counselors (CSAC), CSAC applicants, those with other ADAD professional credentials, and anyone involved in the human services profession.

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