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CEU Webinars: Self-Paced

The Mesquite Group is proud to offer self-paced continuing education classes for personal finance professionals.  

Course features:

  • Each course has been pre-approved for credit with AFCPE
  • As part of this course, attendees will receive an e-book for their professional use and reference. 
  • Attendees will also receive an electronic copy of their certificate of completion within 2-3 business days.

Classes available:

Below are the current offerings we have available.

Managing Student Loan Debt 1.0 CEU (AFCPE)

Student loan payments can plague clients for decades, and often times clients have little understanding of what their options are to help manage this type of debt. This course will provide financial professionals with information, techniques and tools to better serve clients when dealing with clients that are experiencing difficulty paying their student loans.  It will outline differences between federal and private education loans, how student loans are handled in bankruptcy, client options, and best practices.

This webinar:

  • Outlines differences between federal and private education loans
  • Proposes options for repayment
  • Discusses options if loans are defaulted
  • Explains how student loans are treated in bankruptcy
  • Summarizes current laws and proposed legislation regarding student loans

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The Effects of Military Divorce on Finances 1.0 CEU (AFCPE)

Divorce can be a very difficult financial time for many individuals and their family, especially for military families.  The course will give counselors a clear insight to the impact that divorce can have on an individual’s finances.  It will highlight the impact divorce has on military benefits, the protections that service members have, and how logistical issues of a divorce (i.e. jurisdiction and relocation) can be impacted due to the military lifestyle.  

This webinar:

  • Provides information, techniques, and tools to better serve clients when facing divorce or separation in the military.
  • Discusses the divorce process from the service member and spouse perspective
  • Examines the financial and emotional impact

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Financial Recovery Following Bankruptcy (Two-Part Series) 2.0 CEU (AFCPE)

One of the most challenging times our clients may experience is filing for bankruptcy and having to reestablish their financial life all over again.  Where do they begin? When do they begin? How do they begin?  This course will provide much needed information for financial professionals to assist those that have filed for bankruptcy, reached the discharge point and is embarking on a new financial life.

Part 1:  Past, Present, and Future for Bankruptcy Clients

In this presentation, we will paint a picture of how clients arrive at filing bankruptcy, the process they have gone through and the outlook they face going forward.  Understanding each of these areas will allow you as a financial professional to assess the client’s needs when helping them to rebuild their credit after filing bankruptcy.  The following areas will be discussed in Part 1 of this series: 

  • Overview of bankruptcy timeline and process
  • Reasons clients file bankruptcy 
  • Challenges facing filers exiting bankruptcy
  • The emotional state of the client 
  • How to avoid re-filing in the future and the behavioral changes needed

Part 2:  How to Repair Credit After Bankruptcy 

In this presentation, we will outline how to lay the foundation in which clients can start rebuilding their credit.  We will discuss in detail how to identify and address areas of concern on credit reports, ways in which clients can utilize credit responsibly to start the rebuilding process, and provide viable options for obtaining and rebuilding credit.   The following areas will be discussed in Part 2 of this series:

  • The 3 P’s: Plan, Practice, and Prevent
  • Credit restoration process
  • How to address inaccuracies on credit reports
  • What a bankruptcy credit report looks like
  • Money Management Tips for bankruptcy filers

Included: For those who participate in the both parts of the series, a free 30-page e-book will be provided with details of all of the topics discussed in both presentations and much more.  This e-book includes countless resources that financial professionals can use as their go to guide when assisting clients restore their credit.  Valuable sample letters to creditors and credit bureaus are included to use for your professional use and reference.  

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Options for Seniors Not Ready for Retirement 1.0 CEU (AFCPE)

Approaching retirement can be a very scary financial time for many individuals, especially for those who have not been able to adequately prepare.  The course will give counselors a clear insight to the retirement outlook many baby boomers currently have, how to create a timeline to retire, and outline various obstacles facing retirees.   It will highlight the various options available for seniors who are not financially able to retire.  

This webinar:

  • Examines viable options for seniors who do not have adequate retirement savings
  • Summarizes the retirement outlook for baby boomers
  • Discusses how to create a retirement timeline for clients

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Bankruptcy Counseling: What You Need to Know As A Financial Professional 1.0 CEU (AFCPE)

Bankruptcy is often the option of last resort when addressing debt reduction strategies with your client.  This webinar is designed to provide you with a glimpse inside of the bankruptcy process from the client’s perspective.  

This webinar:

  • Provides an overview of the current statistics concerning consumer bankruptcy in the United States.
  • Discusses the bankruptcy process from the client perspective
  • Explains the unique challenges facing individuals filing for bankruptcy

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Military Spouse Fellowship recipients are eligible for a discount of $5 per class.  To receive this discount, please email ceu@themesquitegroup.org for a promotional code.