Saturday April 25, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT
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BioMedical Autism Conference Spring 2015 

This is our 5th Annual BioMedical Autism Conference, sponsored by Xymogen and hosted by Dr. Sonya Doherty and the Natural Care Clinic.

Please note: Your $20 registration fee will be reimbursed the week first week of May, upon attendance of the conference.

This year's speakers include:

David Haase, MD

Topic: Methylation biochemistry as it relates to autism 

Dr. David H. Haase practices brain-centric functional medicine and is the founder of the MaxWell Clinic for Proactive Medicine and the chief medical officer of LifeStrive. He received his doctorate from the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and completed his residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He is board certified in both family and integrative holistic medicine and holds certifications in health coaching, nutrition, and neurofeedback. He describes himself as being somewhat obsessed with finding, and making available, better ways for humans to maximize wellness

Laurette Janek 

Topic: Mitigating Maternal Risk Factors for AutismThis lecture will look at some of the currently known maternal risk factors for having a child that will develop autism. Topics will include: current animal models of autism, chromosomal stability, detoxification of environmental exposures and the impact that nutrient intake has on modifying these risk factors. 

Laurette Janak is parent-researcher and mother of a child on the autism spectrum who also has Down syndrome and leukemia. She is co-author and helped coordinate a study on metabolic biomarkers and impaired methylation capacity in children with autism published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2004.  Laurette has been a presenter at the Autism One conferences lecturing on a number of topics pertaining to the comorbidity of Down syndrome and autism. She has also presented on the health issues of the ASD mothers at Autism Canada.

In addition to her lecturing, Laurette has been a contributing author to material published in the magazines, “Autism Science Digest” and “The Autism File”. Recent work includes helping with literature searches for the book, “ The Autism Revolution” by Dr. Martha Herbert. Laurette testified at the Consumer Product Safety Commission hearings on arsenic exposure in children from CCA wood and assisted Dr. Jill James in an investigation of the childhood leukemia cluster in Fallon Nevada. She has served on the research committee for SafeMinds for the past two years.

Dr. Danielle O'Connor, ND

Topic: Parent Care: Taking care of the CaregiversEvery day parents of children with autism give 110% of themselves in order to make a nurturing and caring environment for their children, but what happens when those parents burn out? Take some time to learn what you need to be doing for your personal wellbeing to be the best caregiver you can be.

Danielle O’Connor is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor that graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2003. She has worked at wellness clinics in Toronto and Burlington specializing in heart disease, cancer, bio-identical hormones and heavy metal chelation. Her interest in natural medicine peaked while travelling around the world as a professional figure skater with Walt Disney’s World On Ice.

Danielle’s passion for providing her patients with the best naturopathic care has led her to incorporating a wide variety of treatment modalities into her practice. Danielle utilizes nutrition, acupuncture, botanical medicine, detoxification, and biotherapeutic drainage in helping patients address and treat the underlying cause of their conditions. Danielle also has special training in facial cosmetic acupuncture and is certified in intravenous and parenteral therapy.

Dr. Sonya Doherty, ND

Topic: Healing the Symptoms of Autism - Case studies- Join Dr. Sonya has she chronicles families from her current practice, showing biomedical treatment in action.

Sonya Doherty is a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder, AD/HD, Tourette Syndrome and Pediatric OCD. She has been practicing as a Naturopath since 2003, after completing her pre-medical studies at the University of Western Ontario and her post graduate naturopathic training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.  Dr. Sonya is a board certified Naturopathic doctor and member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Naturopathic medicine, as well as biomedical treatment, takes a functional approach to medicine which means each child is assessed and treated on an individual basis.  Functional medicine is changing the way naturopathic doctors and medical doctors view and treat disease.

Dr. Sonya has completed The Autism Research Institute’s Level I and II Defeat Autism Now! training, providing her with the research and expertise necessary to help every child reach their developmental potential.  DAN doctors are trained to help treat children with autism as well as other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Biomedical treatment is extremely important to Dr. Sonya, both as a mother and as a professional.  She is committed to staying current on research and treatments that can benefit children with developmental concerns.  After becoming a DAN doctor,  she began her training with the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs.  The FMAPS education is a comprehensive training program for physicians at the forefront of medical treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders. The level of mastery that MAPS fellows (FMAPS) achieve in the field of complex pediatric conditions makes them among the best-prepared practitioners in this field.

Dr. Sonya is extremely passionate about biomedical treatment.  She has been practicing for over 10 years and has treated thousands of children diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders.  As the mother of 3 young children, she is dedicated to bringing the most current research and advanced treatments to her multi-disciplinary wellness clinic located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  Dr. Doherty lectures extensively on biomedical treatment and the prevention of autism and other developmental concerns.