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Saturday March 28, 2015 from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM CST
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Ramada Hong Kong Hotel 
308 Des Voeux Road West
Hong Kong

Driving Directions 


“It is a day I will never forget. I learned a lot about myself and I am confident I can take my communication skills to the next level. I’ve been to hundreds of workshops throughout my career and this experience really stands out from the rest.” – George Muirhead, General Manager, Top Builders Group Ltd.

“The workshop has given me a dramatic improvement to my public speaking. I have learnt and applied an awful lot including better preparation, improved audience contact and better posture.” - Don Conning, Director, Aedas Limited

“Cecilia is the most genuine and passionate trainer that I have met to date. She will guide you, both personally and professionally on how to create more results in your life. Be inspired and ready for more success after attending her workshop.” - Grace Lee, TLC Wellness 

“10+! Highly energetic, excellent facilitator, speaker with cross cultural experience. Best facilitator seen ever!” - Paul Thorson, Senior Manager, AstraZeneca  

“Cecilia has been most helpful with my presentation skills.  The workshop was useful, practical, condensed and very good.  I would recommend anyone to attend and will send my staff.” - Geoffrey Lung, Managing Director, MI Insurance Brokers Ltd. 

“Cecilia runs a very useful presentation.  My presentation style has really improved.  Make it a New Year’s resolution to see her and speak with confidence!” – Serene Lo, Director of Human Resources 

“After attending the workshop, I can now speak confidently when before I was rather shy. When I present to people in a work environment, the feedback I receive is that I have no fear when speaking.  I’m speaking to more people at work which can only lead to a promotion.  I’m more confident because now I Prepare, Prepare, Prepare for every talk!” – Pinky Lam, Assistant Product Manager 

This workshop inspired me! It changed my ‘old-days’ perspective on presenting that is "to inform" rather "to inspire" the audience. Not only has this changed the way I communicate in my career, but also how to deal with the fear of presenting in front of a group of people.” - Chloe Kwok, Brand Manager, GlaxoSmithKline 

“It was a very worthwhile training that not only offered so much insight about myself, I was amazed at how much I improved in just one day!” – Sophia Law, Executive, Gavin Anderson & Co.

“My objective was to combat my fear of presenting in front of an audience and the workshop met my expectations and more. I feel I now have the skills to do this. It is a brilliant and worthwhile course. Thank you Cecilia!” – Richard Le Gallez, HSBC Bank International Limited 

“Your enthusiasm and delivery was first class and you were able to take a topic that is fearful for some and turn it into a positive message with great learning and actionable takeaways. I will be back to do the follow up sessions. Thanks for helping me become a more confident professional.” – Paul Jeffrey Chandler, Director of F&B Operations, Hong Kong Disneyland 

Hundreds of participants have experienced transformational results. Please visit our testimonial page to learn more...


March 28 Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop - Time To Show Your Stuff!

Cheer Public speaking is leadership communication. If you are asked to speak on a particular topic or to make a presentation, it's because you are a leader or an expert on your subject matter.

The more you present, and the better you are at it, the more you will be "perceived" as a leader and an authority. If public speaking is something you are not 100% comfortable with or you experience a level of anxiety or nervousness when presenting, you can take advantage of the resources available to help you be more at ease on stage, speak with confidence and present to INFLUENCE.

At our one-day workshop, we help people go from whatever level they are at and accelerate their confidence levels as a presenter. We share a very unique process that enables participants to overcome fear, develop total confidence and speak to amaze, inspire and WOW the audience. It's a big promise....and we do all this in a single day!

Since 2005, our proprietary Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop has helped hundreds of professionals, managers, executives, students and business owners transform their presentation skills. No matter what level they join the program at, they will conclude the one-day program with a significant and dramatic improvement in the presentation skills.

Our techniques are not offered in most presentation skills training classrooms. They are unique skills, attained through an interactive, engaging and enjoyable process that enables participants to experience a dramatic improvement in skills, mindset and practical delivery. 

"It's a very interesting workshop and you will get to know more techniques to step up your presentation skills. Cecilia is a passionate, experienced and energetic trainer. You will never get bored in the class. Time flies and you will not believe how much you have learned and transformed." - Sam Lau

What To Expect At Our Workshop

May 11 Dynamic Presentation Skills WorkshopParticipants will discover their unique presentation style and strengths as a "leader in communication" and explore their public speaking persona. They will do this by delivering presentations and receiving immediate feedback.

They will be coached "real-time" on preparation, delivery and presentation. Participants will have several practice sessions to immediately apply the skills learned throughout the day. From concept, understanding to application and experience. We assist participants through this cycle of learning throughout the day for maximum learning and skill retention.

Who Will Benefit From This Workshop?

  • Managers who are responsible for delivering a lot of presentations
  • First time managers/supervisors who are expected to present sales presentations
  • Senior Managers who want to sharpen their skills and increase their confidence in front of an audience
  • Anyone who finds giving presentations a difficult and fearful task

This Workshop Will Teach You How To:

  • Prepare your speech
  • Create a compelling message
  • Present your content in a powerful and meaningful way
  • Make an impact with your audience
  • Develop rapport and engage your audience
  • Deliver a smooth and flawless presentation
  • Control nervousness and anxiety
  • Adopt empowering and secret techniques that the world's most powerful speakers use

Workshop Outline

Morning Session:

-      Introduction

-     Preparation for presentations

-      Define your presentation objectives

-      Understand reasons for nervousness and steps to overcome fear and anxiety

-      Body language

-      First presentations – Introductions

-      Individual coaching and feedback

-      How to use PowerPoint more effectively

Afternoon Session:

-      Techniques and skills development

-      Structure of a speech

-      Presenting memorable presentations

-      Influencing the audience

-      5 Golden Rules for Presentations

-      Introducing a speaker

-      Design and preparation

-      Final Presentations

-      Feedback and final learning

Hundreds of participants have experienced transformational results. Please visit our testimonial page to learn more...

Date: Saturday, March 28th, 2015
Time: 9:30am to 7:00pm
Venue: Jasmin Room 3/F Ramada Hong Kong Hotel, 308 Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong
Cost: HK$2,280 for one, HK$3,900 for two
To Register: Send name, contact details to or click below to register online