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The Center for Rural Development 
The Center for Rural Development 


Thursday April 16, 2015 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EDT

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The Center for Rural Development, 2nd fl trng rm 
2292 S. Hwy 27
Somerset, KY 42501

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Keep Going With QuickBooks Workshop w/Carol Whitson

Lesson 3: Creating Reports

Day 2: Keep Going With QuickBooksฎ 2013 for Windows
Course Description

Delivery Method:  Instructor led training

Performance-Based Objectives

  • Customize forms
  • Use other QuickBooks accounts
  • Create reports
  • Create graphs
  • Track and pay sales tax
  • Prepare payroll with QuickBooks
  • Estimate, time track, and job cost
  • Write letters

Course Content

Lesson 1: Customizing Forms

Topic 1A: Creating a Custom Template

Topic 1B: Modifying a Template

Topic 1C: Printing Forms

Lesson 2: Using Other QuickBooks Accounts

Topic 2A: Other QuickBooks Account Types

Topic 2B: Working with Credit Card Transactions

Topic 2C: Working with Fixed Assets

Topic 2D: Working with Long-Term Liability Accounts

Topic 2E: Using the Loan Manager

Topic 2F: Understanding Equity Accounts

 Lesson 3: Creating Reports

Topic 3A: Creating QuickReports

Topic 3B: Modifying QuickReports

Topic 3C: Memorizing QuickReports

Topic 3D: Running Preset Reports

Topic 3E: Modifying Preset Reports

Topic 3F: Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel

Topic 3G: Printing Reports


Lesson 4: Creating Graphs

Topic 4A: Creating QuickInsight Graphs

Topic 4B: Using QuickZoom with Graphs

Topic 4C: Working with the Sales Graph

Topic 4D: Customizing Graphs

Topic 4E: Printing Graphs


Lesson 5: Tracking and Paying Sales Tax

Topic 5A: Using Sales Tax in QuickBooks

Topic 5B: Setting Up Tax Rates and Agencies

Topic 5C: Indicating Who and What Gets Taxed

Topic 5D: Applying Tax to Each Sale

Topic 5E: Determining What You Owe

Topic 5F: Paying Your Tax Agencies


Lesson 6: Preparing Payroll with QuickBooks

Topic 6A: Using Payroll Tracking

Topic 6B: Setting Up for Payroll

Topic 6C: Setting Up Employee Payroll Information

Topic 6D: Writing a Payroll Check

Topic 6E: Printing Paycheck Stubs

Topic 6F: Tracking Your Tax Liabilities

Topic 6G: Paying Payroll Taxes

Topic 6H: Printing Forms 940 and 941


Appendix A: Estimating, Time Tracking, and Job Costing

Creating Job Estimates

Creating an Invoice from an Estimate

Displaying Reports for Estimates

Updating the Job Status

Tracking Time

Displaying Reports for Time Tracking

Tracking Vehicle Mileage

Displaying Vehicle Mileage Reports

Displaying Other Job Reports

Appendix B: Writing Letters

Using the Letters and Envelopes Wizard

Customizing Letter Templates

1 Day