Thursday April 23, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT
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Hartford, CT 
CT 06103  



David Hasenbalg 
Customized Solutions 

Introduction to the Collaborative Culture and the Roadblocks to Creating One

In the environment of today nothing is more important than leadership that inspires people to a shared purpose to achieve your organization's mission.  

In this foundational workshop, you will learn what a true, collaborative culture is and what it takes to build that culture in your organization.

Just knowing what comprises a collaborative culture isn't enough. You will also learn to recognize the key impediments to building a collaborative culture.

In addition, you will explore their own behavioral style and the behavioral style of those with whom they are working. 

Regardless of the kind of leadership role you hold, you will learn how to influence others to produce more meaningful results.

Subject Matter Expertise

Seminars and individual coaching are conducted by David Hasenbalg,

Dave has spent the last 20 years leading, coaching, and consulting businesses to build collaborative cultures to enable them to make a mark in their industry. He helps organizations find solutions to real-world challenges by illuminating blind spots, building collaborative teams, and coordinating action that produces results. He has an expertise in developing leaders, bringing about change in organizations of all sizes, and eliminating the impediments to effective execution. His practical background is as a military officer as well as a leader in cutting edge, non-profit, and Fortune 100 companies

He is the President of Customized Solutions and is the Founder of the Center for Leadership Excellence in Independent Schools.