Thursday April 16, 2015
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM PDT

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* this will be a US-based telephone number - you'll receive details upon registration - and we recommend that participants who are calling in from outside the US use SkypeOut - a Skype-to-phone service (approx $3 US for a 2.5 hour call)


Amy Lenzo
The World Cafe


Do We Need Money? & What are the Alternatives?
A Wiser Together Online World Cafe


Hosted by Amy Lenzo, John Rogers, and Leander Bindewald

Money is one of humankind's most powerful inventions, which allows billions of people to conduct their business every day, but also creates increasing inequalities and financial crises throughout the world.

Why do we need money? Are there really alternatives? What does 'living in the gift' mean?

With these simple questions, we invite you to be part of an important conversation about the role of money, gifting, and exchange in our lives.

There is much talk about the 'sharing economy', alternative economies, and interesting new currency experiments like Bitcoin. But it can all seem very confusing. What does it mean in our daily lives?

Please join us for a *Wiser Together* World Cafe conversation to share feelings and insights from our own experience of money and the gift as well as information and ideas about concrete solutions to the 'money problem'.

Wiser Together is a World Cafe initiative that consciously fosters inter-generational collaboration and partnership. We believe it will take all of us -- one generation alive together now -- to effectively address the collective issues in front of us, and actively welcome participants of all ages to join the conversation.

This conversation will help us to share our collective wisdom around these questions and give us tools for concrete action in our own lives and communities, as well as new insights and knowledge about how to make our exchanges more mindful.

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Suggested Fee: $20
100% of the suggested registration fee covers the costs of producing this training and supporting the World Cafe Community Foundation. We have consciously priced it to be as accessible as possible.

AND, we don't want finances to get in the way of your participation, so there are a number of financial options in your registration form, including an invitation to contribute more to cover those who can't pay the full rate. Help make events like this one open to all who would benefit by contributing at the level you are able.

If the reduced costs offered are a challenge for you right now and you would like to talk about other options, please send us an email describing your situation and interest and we'll work something out.




More about Your Hosts

Amy Lenzo
An early pioneer in the field, Amy has been hosting World Cafés online for over 10 years now. She lives in California and offers training & online hosting services through her company weDialogue, which "gives back" a percentage to the World Cafe Community Foundation.


John Rogers
A long-time World Cafe host, John runs the UK consultancy Value for People, which specializes in community currencies. He currently lives in Frankfurt, Germany.



Leander Bindewald
Leander is an experienced host of participatory practices and blogs on alternative currencies as part of his work with the International Community Currencies in Action (CCIA) project at NEF. He lives in England.