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 It’s time to ring, sling and fling! Let’s tune and tone with the ways of the Hammer.

Have you heard the Earth’s Song? Do you feel it in your bones and tissues, coursing through 
your blood and rising through the mist of your voice? She sings, inviting us to come home… into 
her Forests and Mountains, Nature’s training halls of alchemy, mystery, joy and awe. Everyone’s 
path may be different yet our journeys all begin with our own 2 feet.

“Follow your feet and the Earth will teach.” This is our mantra.


Saturday May 9, 2015 at 10:00 AM PDT
Sunday May 10, 2015 at 5:00 PM PDT

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Our Sacred Acres (OSA) 
1110 Carlson Rd
Snohomish, WA 98290

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Karen Joy Fletcher 
Our Sacred Acres 

EarthGym Alchemy & Hammer Training with Mick 

Join Mick Dodge, the Barefoot Sensei, as he shares the wisdom, humor and skills mused in from the mountains over decades of footing his path through the Lands of OM (Olympic Mountains), attuning his song with the Earth’s song. Mick will present EarthGym practices with a focus on the Hammer talisman, a toning and training tool of our ancestors.

While there are single day options, we encourage you to experience the full two days of training outdoors as Mick will present different Earth Gym practices each day along with a focus on the Hammer talisman, one of the training tools of our ancestors. This is a tool for building our own muscle tone and ringing out and pulling in the Earth Song and teachings. The Hammer combines the Earth tools of stone and stick and releases the power of the staff. It’s a powerful alchemy – merging our matter into the heart of the matter, the iron core matter of our Earth.

Through Mick’s engaging exercises:
  • Learn to embody the muscle movements that mimic a more intuitive, flowing and emotionally expressive patterning of nature that you won’t find in a walled gym.  
  • Develop some fun and healthy habits for gripping and releasing weights – instead of curling a dumb bell, we’ll swing, fling, and ring it out with our hammer! 
  • Gain inner and outer strength and knowing for your own personal practice through this guidance to remember, restore and recover ourselves again by landing into the earth with these tools.  
  • And, it’s a powerfully fun, creative and enlivening experience!!

Earth Gym uses simple tools of the Forest to cleanse, tune, tone and strengthen our bodies. As we do this, we naturally pull in the Earth’s song, our ancestors’ ways, and muse in the mysteries of Life. We ground, grip and GRIN, and bring happiness back into our Happy Soles!

All levels are welcome!
Childcare offered at Our Sacred Acres - contact us for further details!
In honor of Mother’s Day and Mama Earth, all Moms get early bird price! 

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a two day workshop from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, and again from 10am to 5pm on Sunday.  If you wish to stay overnight at Our Sacred Acres, please make a reservation through the Registration form (click the button below to get started!).


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Our Sacred Acres is a non-profit project of the 501(c)3 organization Empowerment WORKS.  Any additional contributions you make by either staying on the land or donating to our programs are tax-deductible, please contact info@oursacredacres.com to request the corresponding documentation be delivered to you.

We are so grateful for your participation and support...

...and look forward to sharing the forest and these teachings with you!