Iron Sisters Strength Camp is designed to bring together like-minded women to be coached and inspired by some of the best in their respective fields. From Biomechanics to Mindset coaching, from the Physiology to the Psychology of strength, power and physique, Iron Sisters Strength Camp is for ANY woman who is seeking to gain knowledge and insight into how she can get better.


Saturday, July 25, 2015 at 8:30 AM
Sunday, July 26, 2015 at 1:00 PM

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1412 Sandhill Drive
Hamilton, ON L9G 4V5

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Frances Manias

Iron Sisters Strength Camp 2.0

Did you ever think that YOU might have the opportunity to be coached by some of the strongest women in the world?

Well, you WILL have that chance on July 25th and 26th, 2015!

As a young girl, I loved and excelled in the sport of basketball, but I didn’t have many female heroes who were breaking through the barriers of athleticism and performance. I remember tennis legend, Martina Navratilova, with her powerful stroke on the court. And when I saw Florence Griffith-Joyner in the ’88 Olympics dominating sprint distances with both power and femininity, it opened the possibility that I, too, could be a great athlete.

I was successful in college level basketball, but it was on the bodybuilding stage that I dominated. I led Canada to seven IFBB World Bodybuilding Championships, placing as high as 5th in the World over my 14-year career.  This gave me the self-confidence that I could do anything, in any sport – no one could stop me!

Are you consistently moving toward your strength goals?

The landscape for women in sport, fitness and performance has changed dramatically in this relatively short period of time. What was once a subculture is now mainstream. Women are flocking to fitness stages, Crossfit boxes and powerlifting platforms. And they are gaining ground by learning and implementing strength methodologies that were a short time ago only reserved for men. We are just beginning to see what women truly can accomplish in the strength arena!

Are you satisfied with your training or performance?

When I began my powerlifting journey four years ago I sensed that there was still something missing in the world of strength and performance, for women. My career of excellence in bodybuilding allowed me to achieve many of my powerlifting goals relatively quickly, but around me I saw many women still struggling.

Are you confident in your training?

The truth is that although the opportunity exists for participation, the environment for even greater accomplishments is still a hindrance for most gals. My history in the trenches has given me insight into these limitations that can and should be eliminated – opening the door for unlimited potential in strength and performance for every woman out there!  And frankly, I can’t pass on the opportunity to share what I've learned that has enabled me to accomplish nearly every goal in the world of sport, strength and power that I have ever had. I don’t only want to share it, but I want every woman to experience it, too.

This is why Iron Sisters was born.

The Inaugural Iron Sisters Strength Camp on July 26th, 2014 brought together women – from beginner to world level – and five of the world’s top strength coaches, along with legendary powerlifting champion, Kimberly Walford, as our Celebrity Coach.  

We came together to immerse ourselves in the fundamentals of powerlifting, but we took away much more. We celebrated our passion for lifting; recognized how to become more coachable; identified the importance of mindset and mental toughness; learned how to implement our training for consistently achieving milestones; gained confidence; and became equipped to reach for bigger goals. It was a day that is best summed in the Iron Sisters motto:

Strength to Go It Alone, but Sisterhood is Better!

"I still can't believe that a world champion lifter coached me yesterday; what an incredible experience." Laura

"I met a group of people who were so supportive and so encouraging and so full of knowledge that it gave me the push I needed to pursue lifting more seriously." Erin

And we’re inviting you to join us on July 25th and 26th, 2015 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, so that you too can have this experience!


We are excited that IPF Champion Kimberly Walford will be back to outline her 5 Keys to World Class Deadlifting. The strongest bench press athlete in the IPF, World Record holder, Jennifer Thompson, will also be here to share how you can add kilos to your bench press that you didn’t think were possible. And lastly, Canada’s most decorated Powerlifting Champion, Rhaea Stinn, will help you bust through your plateaus teaching you how to master your squat.

It’s almost too good to be true! Three of the absolute best female powerlifters in the world, in one place, at one time, and YOU can learn from each of them! 

New for 2015 is our COACH STREAM: Now coaches, or any Iron Sister or Brother can join Strength Camp, too! We had numerous requests from interested coaches looking to learn from our experts and as a result, we created this unique professional development opportunity you won't want to miss.

Coach Stream attendees can listen to our Celebrity Coach presentations, witness our hands-on training sessions and engage our experts as they share valuable information in our Coaches Panels. You will NOT be participating in the hands-on training.

More Strength Camp 2.0 Details

               Preliminary Iron Sisters Strength Camp Agenda                   Saturday, July 25th



9:30 AM Rhaea Stinn on The Squat


12:15 PM BREAK and Coaches Panel #1


12:45 - 1:40 PM LUNCH  (onsite and included in your registration)

1:45 PM Jennifer Thompson on The Bench


4:30 PM BREAK and Coaches Panel #2

5:00 PM Special Guest Presentation


Sunday, July 26th


9:05 AM Kimberly Walford on The Deadlift


11:50 AM BREAK and Coaches Panel #3

12:30 PM WRAP UP

Your investment for this incredible camp experience is only $397.00 (CAD).

Our Coach Stream attendees have the opportunity to attend for $197.00 (CAD).

   Due to the hands-on TRAINING EMPHASIS space is EXTREMELY limited!

 WE ONLY HAVE ROOM FOR 40 Iron Sisters to partcipate! And, we also must limit our Coach Stream attendees, so don't delay on registering today!

Let’s recap what you will experience at Strength Camp 2.0

3-TIME WORLD CHAMPION AND IPF RECORD HOLDER KIMBERLY WALFORD will share her mind-boggling record breaking training and deadlifting techniques. 

MULTIPLE WORLD CHAMPION and IPF RECORD HOLDER JENNIFER THOMPSON will outline how she has developed the absolute best bench press, pound for pound in the World!

RHAEA STINN's CANADIAN AND WORLD RECORD BREAKING expertise in the squat will show you how to incrementally strengthen your weaknesses to build an impressive squat that you thought was not possible.


But, that’s not all!

It’s one thing to listen to these incredible women TALK about training, (that alone would be worth it for me), but it’s another thing to be able to put into practice some of the things that they will share with you that weekend.

This is why we designed Iron Sisters Strength Camp with a FULL 120 minutes of dedicated training time for EACH of the fundamental power and strength lifts. You will be coached by Rhaea, Jennifer and Kimberly, and a World Class Team of Coaches hand-selected for their expertise including:

 Current CPU President and Champion, Coach Mark Giffin  

CPU Champion and Team Canada Member, Coach Sarah Leighton

 CPU Champion and deadlift specialist, Coach Tom Kean

Born and raised in Newfoundland, Coach TK has been lifting weights for almost 31 years.  He started lifting competitively at age 30, has won 10 National titles and is a two time masters World champion.  Tom has mentored and coached dozens of lifters across the country.  His coaching focus is technique, mental prep and meet day planning.

CPU Champion and Team Canada Member, Coach Chris Fudge     

With many years of practical experience in the strength and conditioning field at the University and Collegiate level, Chris entered the sport of powerlifting as an athlete, official but primarily as a coach. Chris Fudge is a seasoned member of the Powerlifting community having competed at the Provincial, National and world levels. Chris is an accomplished coach, whose clients have won Provincial and Canadian titles while setting multiple records in addition to competing at the world level. Chris' experience is invaluable, but it is his passion and commitment to excellence in the sport of powerlifting that makes him a sought after and successful coach. 

CPU Champion and Record Holder, Coach Ryan Stinn

Ryan has been competing since 2005 and lifting weights since 2004. He qualified for Nationals in 2006 and has competed at every nationals since, winning his class 3 times. He has also been lucky enough to compete at five equipped world championships with a best placing of 4th in 2014 in the Super HW division. In 2015 he set the largest total ever recorded in the CPU with 1003kg including the largest squat of 390kg.

IPF athlete, official and photographer/storyteller, Harnek Singh Rai

Sports Doctor and A.R.T. Genius, Aras Kvedaras

We want you to engage this powerful community of Iron Sisters as much as possible, so we've partnered with our good friends at Detour Cafe to provide a kick-ass lunch for all attendees. 'Cause the only thing better than training with your friends, is eating with your friends! Detour will be onsite with their mobile coffee unit keeping us cafffinated and full of energy all day long!

So, what are you waiting for?

You will be inspired, coached, and pushed to your limits in both mind and body – if you so choose. And, in the midst of it all, you will celebrate with a group of exceptional women, the strength and power that is yours for the taking.

As one of our attendees stated, when asked what she might say to someone considering Iron Sisters Strength Camp, “Do it. Just, do it!”

If you have any questions about Iron Sisters, or Strength Camp 2.0, contact me at!

In Strength, Frances

P.S. Register early to gain access to a special presentation on Mental Toughness by Coach Sarah Leighton shared with our 2014 Strength Camp attendees. We'll send you this valuable presentation just for registering before the Early Bird deadline!