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Texas Chapter International Society of Arboriculture 




ISA Texas Chapter Seminar Exhibitor or Lunch Sponsor Registration 


The Texas Chapter ISA is pleased to offer Exhibitor and Break Sponsorship opportunities to arboricultural and related vendors at Texas Chapter seminars. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to promote your company, service, or product.


  • Exhibitors will be provided one 6’ table for exhibiting. Exhibitor spaces are limited depending on space available and if permitted by facility. Space will be allocated first-come-first-served basis.
  • The cost for one 6’ table space is $450 and an additional $150 for additional days if the same class is repeated in multiple cities or locations.
  • Table spaces will be provided in the back of the meeting room or in adjacent halls or lobby areas.
  • Exhibitors will be announced to the audience from the podium at the beginning of the seminar.


Meal Sponsors:

  • The cost for meal sponsors (breakfast and lunch, if offered) for any one-day event or seminar is $300.
  • There are no limits to the number of meal sponsors that can be accommodated.
  • Meal sponsors will be provided a verbal ‘thank you’ a minimum of two times from the podium by the seminar moderator. If provided by the sponsor, a logo will be included on any agenda that is handed out to attendees at check-in.

 Note: The Texas Chapter will provide no endorsement of vendor products or services. 


Click here for a PDF Sponsor and Exhibitor Brochure